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GW; Nightfall & MP3 Player & Farewell 'till then

Yeah PlayNC put back up the download of the GWs client, so now I have Guild Wars Nightfall back/working :3 Sadley I won't get to play it much before t3h move -_-; I can't wait to be able to play with Chisa again though :3

Yeah I am also working on getting MP3#3 back-up and working....or JanKen as I have started calling it :P since it hasn't failed yet. JanKen was the name of my 1st MP3 player, and my second was Guu (as it was MASSIVE).

It is a rather tedius task, and usally take me several hours. A lot of the songs I got on it are songs I've gotten from other people over the course of having my computer. I just put 'Move Your Dead Bones' from Trevor-honey on it, and I already have 'Sleepwalker (heavy version)' from Armadei's HxH fanfic post awhile ago. I wish I had a full version of 'Love Me' (from YnM) to put on it too...but apparently The Hong Kong Nnife are a obsure band. It's hard choosing only a few Erasure songs to use.

Speaking of Trevor, I hope he calls me tonight. His mom said she would get him to, but apparently he hasn't yet -__-; I want to ask him what to expect and to talk to him.

Yeah I should take the time to post a 'just if' will thing, in case something goes horribly wrong with infection, or with the anistedic. My teeth are starting to hurt so something (though unlikely) could happen). But yeah if anything happens; Trevor gets all my manga, and my anime. Matt is to get my computer & all my games (under the condition that he doesn't sell/throw-out any), and all my HxH stuff (including my Gon cell, and G-I Final backgroud) along with all my shonen-ai/yaoi & yuri items go to Armadei. There all my items are in order. But of courrse I have high hopes of nothing going wrong, and just having a week of pain and of being uncomfortable *knocks on wood*. There!

I wish I didn't have to go through this. I only have another month as it is here in Nova Scotia. I have to have it done though, as they could kill me if I don't (infection, and all that).

Wendy bought me haddack bits today! I love the little fried pieces of fish. She originally had given me $10 yesterday when I went on the bus to buy Chinese food in the mall. I had been thinking about it all the way up, as I was hungry. I had planned on getting the buffet special and probably celebrate with a beer (I don't really like beer, but it's about the only alchohol they sell, and it was to be my last big meal before surgery). All that was dasked upon the restaurant being closed for that day. I went to Zellers and got my lay-awayed DVD player. I also bought 3 boxes of cookies at DollarRama(sp?) in order to binge over the weekend. I then decided to eat at Zellers, as they had a $5 special on, and I could use the rest of the $10 to buy a jar of apple sauce.

There was only one watriess working the whole place. I was one of the first people there, and one of the last to get my order. I had asked what was with the 3-D Club platter and if it had fries. She started listing what was in the sandwich, so I ask "Is it just the sandwich?" "Yeah, that's it." and starts to take-off. I had to follow her and pretty much yell "Can I get a Rings & Things too?!" Anyway she came back with my large glass of milk, and the glass was dirty (so I avoided drinking from that side). Also the fork she gave me was dirty and in turn got the napkin dirty. I had to ask her for another one, and she just brought me a fork and placed it right in the same dirty/sticky spot on the napkin >_< The platter did in fact have fries and coldslaw with it, so I ended up wasting $4 on my side ;-; Also I couldn't eat everything, so I saved half of the sandwich and the whole Rings & Things and asked her for a 'doggie-bag' when I went up to pay. I ended-up having to use my debit card. She told me she would be right back with one. I went back and waited 10mins, before deciding to go and try and find her. She told me she would be with me in a minute. 10 more minutes later, I finally decided to just watse food and leave. I had a bus to catch in 5mins for crying out loud! I didn't leave a tip ether...

But yeah and the food gave me a upset stomach too.

My new Dae-something-or-other DVD player works great :3 It is so goods to be able to watch a VCD from begining to end without it messing-up! I already watched a episode of LS :3

I was going to call Matty tomorrow night, but he just posted that he was trying to switch hours, so I don't know if he will be off then -___- I'll try, but if not nothing I can do.

Anyway I must be going to try Trev via phone once my music is done copying, so ciao till I'm well enough to Voice Post!

no spelling checks done and crap as I am lazy

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