Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Hats x Gackt x Pose

Yeah the 'long awaited' new hat post, along with my new Gackt logo tee :3

As I previously posted; I bought 3 new hats at Zellers when they were on sale as 40% off.

a close-up of the shirt....yes that is my boobs ^^; (oh and my necklace is of a duck)
I tried to imitate my Gackt user pic.
I love this picture and it might become my new DA id :3
That peticular hat's brim can be worn up or down (same as my orange one)
I always look tired without my glasses. Anyway this is the hat I shall be wearing on the plane...sans-tag however.
XD (this is my 'fried egg' hat btw)
The set of Uke & Seme pins that I got along with my Gackt-shirt...oh and $10CAD in fives :P (the blue is from my camera light)
Random picture of my Moose Crossing and my chess/swimming medals.
The brown horse is our new horse named Nelly
Tent :D
Inside said tent :3


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