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Mini-"GeGeGe no Kitaro" post


Yes two things I drew on my new OekakiBBS ( to start this entry off.

I wish I had found this anime/manga sooner. However since a reletively new series has been relesed, I'm hopeing a fansub group takes it on :3

GeGeGe no Kitaro is a half-demon boy born to a sickly yokai mother, and a slowly decaying terrible sick human father.

Mizuki a worker at a blood bank is sent to investigate the origin of some blood that had a strange effect on a patient (the patient is awake, yet biologically dead). strangly enough the address given by the donor is the same as Mizuki's. After searching around his house/area, he finds a abandoned/ruined shrine.

He is invited inside by a one-eyed demon woman. Mizuki tries to leave, but then encounters the demon's husband; a slowly decaying hulking human. They explain that they are very poor, and since the husband has taken deadly ill, the wife is selling her blood in order to get money. She is also pregnate. Mizuki runs-off.

Mizuki comes back over 1/2 year later, only to find that the couple has died. Feeling bad, Mizuki buries them. A few more months later the baby is born (o_O;) and crawls up from the grave. It's father is reawakened from the grave, because of the need to look after the baby. However due to being extremly decayed, only the left-eye is able to be revived. The father's eye guides the baby to Mizuki's doorstep. Reluctantly Mizuki decideds to take the child in, unaware that it's father is still alive, in the form of a eye-ball with a tiny body.

The baby is GeGeGe no Kitaro (or Kitarou). Kitarou is now grown-up (still around 6-8 years-old) healthy. However because of his stange appearence (a completly empty left eye-socket, and slightly orge-ish looks), & his compulsion to keep visting the graveyard (to actually see Medama Oyaji, his father), Mizuki tells him ether to stop his unnatural behavour or leave his house. Kitarou decides to go live in the cemetary with his father. The 2 then start taking on the task of protectiong humans from malious demons, and vice-versa. They also make some friends along the way; like Neko Masume a innocent-looking cat demon.

---figured out from a combination of Wikipedia, and a site about the GBA game.

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