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~Anime Top 10~

Oooo another one of these :3 Once again I'll be posting downloads for each episode afterwards :P Along with why I like each one. This is current, and will probably change when the new season begins and such (or if I download something new).

~2006-2007 Anime Top 10 List~

1. Hunter x Hunter
2. REC
3. Detective Conan/Gallery Fake
4. Lucky
5. Yakitate! Japan
6. xxxHOLiC
7. Ouran High School Host Club
8. KamiKazi Kaitou Jeanne
9. GeGeGe no Kitaro (2007 version)
10. Yami no Matsuei/Bottle Fairy

This will once again be edited with pictures (this time my own snapshots), and with little paragraphs as to why I like them.

 I have put all this into a .TORRENT I'm not sure if it will work but yeah get it here;

Why I like each;

Hunter x Hunter:
HxH was going to be tied with REC, but it went to #1 when I thought of how much more I'm into the fandom. HxH is filled with so much story, and the characters are full. My favourite character is Killua, but also Leorio is so cool. If it wasn't for the HxH fandom, I would never have met  alchemy_hisoka ether ^^; Seriously I wish I could hug Togashi-sama...and Takeuchi Junko ^^; (and her very adorable kitties :D) but yeah, HxH is just plain awesome.

REC is damn good. I'm lazily reading the manga too, but I found each episode of the anime was satisfying - which I find is rare for a show. The final episode made me cry if I remember correctly, making it the second anime to have done that since FullMetal Alchemist (and that is still a dear anime to me). It reminds me of a old movie, which is good, since Aka is fond of Audrey Hepburn movies. It made re-watching "Roman Holiday" so much better :3 I wish I could find my taped copy of "Funny Face" *sigh*. Each episode is only around 12mins long. I wish they would make another season, or atleast another OVA, since the story doesn't end in the manga....actually they should make another HxH OVA aswell.

Detective Conan:
Ahhhhh!~ I love this anime. It is very entertaining to be able to have a 30min (well actually 24min) mystery. I like how it combines standard detective show stuff combined with that wacky anime part. Sure sometimes it's not scientifically acurate, but come-on it's supossed to be for fun! I really need to get more of it downloaded, once I find a fansub group that has taken it on ([Anime-Conan] closed recently). Sure it's licensed, but due to it recieving poor reviews (it was originally a family show, but due to all the blood it got shown on Adult-Swim), it is being relesed rather slow, and they might not even take-on the next season. Besides this whole 'Jimmy' & 'Rachel' bit kind-of annoyed me ^^; However it was one of the best dubbs I have seen ^^; I wish I could go to Japan during Golden Week and see the lastest movie (a Detective Conan movie it relesed each year) some day ^^;

Gallery Fake:
*!* Lovely OP, and a good plot. It makes a show about museme art enjoyable. Sara is so cool! My favourite episode so far may be #03. I'm sorry I can't say much about this one, but yeah it is good. A different group also took on fansubbing it after [Live-Evil] put it on hiatus for awhile. I hate how now it's in .MKV format -_-; .AVI is much better for me....AVI & .MPEG ^^:

It's a rather new anime, having just started in like April. It is also the truest anime I have seen to the manga. It may be a 'slice-of-life' anime, and at first may just seem like another Azumanga Daioh, but it isn't. The characters are full, and each is unique. The jokes are hilarious -even though I'm not Japanese- because they are based off everyday life. Konata is probably my fav' character. They only thing is that even-though the characters are 17, they don't seem it, which could mislead some people. The OP is just damn awesome, and I am trying to learn the dance :P

Yakitate! Japan:
This is a anime I have been meaning to watch ever since  just_picture_me talked about it a long time ago after having watched it at a convention. It is very funny, and is once again another 'boy on a journey' type...shonen (for boys) is it? Anyway it's very original from the main idea of bread, to the 'hallucenations caused by bread made with Solar Hands'. I like how each character has a back story; like Kawachi. I really want to read the manga, and once my replacement libray card comes I might try and borrow it (if I have time before I leave).

The 'xxx' isn't pronounced it just shows that everything happens for a reason, and thus is connected/everything is important...or something like that ^^; I originally bought the manga on a whim, because the art was cool & somewhat gothic. I only have up to vol#06, and REALLY must buy more when in Grande Prairie ^^; Funny story; the volume I got 'Matt' (really Matt's mom gets the presents, and makes them out from Matt, 'cept 2 of the necklaces I got from him, since he picked them out for no reason but to give to me ^_^) to get me for Christmas one year had a hilariuos part at the beginning...however if just the first few pages were read it would seem rather pervy. I was embarassed at having Marsha see it ^^; (well maybe not funny to anyone but me...). This show is filled with Japanese folklore, and myths. It is rather educational, if not weird at times (in a good way :P).

Ouran High School Host Club:
This was a good anime. It had very interesting storylines. Sadly my fav' character didn't get much story...but the ending was soo good. Too bad there isn't anymore. Rich or poor it's personality that matters. This anime was like my popcorn during a down-time I had.

KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne:
One of the few shojo animes I like. The manga is damn good, and I need to get another volume >.> But yeah, even-though it has a somewhat religous theme (trying to stop the Devil from infecting souls, in order to help God), I love the romance, and the action. The other plots (like involving Maron's parents) make it very good. It is one of the first animes I began to watch from fansubbs (the first was DN Angel), after getting it recommended by a chick off Ares (p2p file-sharing program). Maron is one of the few anime girl main characters I just plain love.

GeGeGe no Kitaro:
This is a remake of the 1968 black&white version. It is also from Spring 2007 like Lucky☆Star. Only 1 episode has been fansubbed yet, just like the old 1968 version. I hope [Oedipus] continues the project. Made by now 80-something year-old Shigeru Mizuki. It is about a demon boy born in a graveyard who can communicate with demons/spirites & humans. He lives in the Demon Realm(not the right word ^^;), and interacts when a demon causes harm in the Human Realm. He is missing his left eye. The new 2007 version of him has redish hair, and looks kinda like a mix between Manta (Shaman King) & Near (Death Note). Actually the show it's self reminds me a lot of Detective Conan (I think it is the voice actress, who plays both Edogawa Conan & Kitaro), & Shaman King (obiously due to it's supernatural-theme).

Yami no Matsuei:
Yeah it's on the bottom, but that's because I have so many favourite animes. I like the plots, and the character interaction....and Watari :P I can't say much about it, since I haven't read the manga, and am only on episode 5 ^^;

Bottle Fairy:
Just as cute as Pita-Ten (which is #11 on my list :P). It is about 4 fairies trying to become human by experiences human life/events. It is educational about Japanese holidays. I find the characters are not that full, but it's not serious (as in a serious plot) so it's not a problem. Sarara is my favourite character, but I have also grown to like Chiriri. All 4 often get mixed-up by plays-on-words and alternate meanings to words.


There shant be a Manga version this time around, as I am on hiatus to buying manga, since I am getting ready to move soon. I will start once I get a job, as $20 a week is not enough to buy a GN with plus buy needed supplies. Sure I have bought 2 things online since starting the no-manga thing, but that was bought with my Birthday money. My GST bought a wind-up flashlight/radio, some lights, and paid half on a DVD player.

Added the pics' 'cept for Bottle Fairy & YnM, as my internet connection is being a wank ^^;

Probably no downloads this time as it takes too long. Most are unlicensed however so torrents are out there somewhere. ALSO I AM NOT BOTHERING TO SPELL-CHECK >_< *bah*

Changed the .TORRENT file.
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