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damn mom

Today I have to wash my hair. Which I do at my mom's, because her bathroom isn't as eww as mine. So She calls me over early. My fucking aunts and this dude Bonnie is dating are there. My mom is being all buddy buddy with them. After they called all my family, and are all like were going to sue you because we paid for Clanrence's furneral. Geeze after what I've been though this year, the last thing I need to deal with is them going on about how it's unfit for me to be living in this hick town, and how Clanrence would have wanted me to go live with Laura. Fuck I'd rather be a nazi, than live with her. And Laura give me this fancy smancy brouch with cats on it. And my mom goes "Do you have a hug for your nice aunt?" I could have punched her. I said no. And they have been to Yonkers to vist poor uncle Cussie. I wonder what they told him. I find out today he has been sick. No one ever tells me anything. My mom talks to him all the time, and she never told me he had cancer. I haven't talked to him in like 5 years, because my mom only calls him when I'm not around. I wanted to send him something for christmas, but no she never sent it. I think I hate most of my fucking family. I think I will call Cussie sometime when my mom isn't home just to talk without, tell him this and that in the background.

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