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Lucky☆Star screenshots/caps

Yeah I've taken a few screens from "Lucky☆Star" that I have decided to share. Don't worry Lucky☆Star being a 'slice-of-life' anime can be viewed from any episode and such, so no spoilers.

From the opening, the group cheerleader part.

Konata saying "Good Job!" to reminded me of the scene from "Moon Child" where Kei says the same thing to Sho, complete with same winking gesture (well I can't remember if he winked ^^;)

Minoru & Akira's LUCKY CHANNEL bonus thing at the end of each episode.

Oh and Minoru is actually voiced by himself.

Yeah they were talking about how Miyuki being a 'cute type' of moe would be into maniacs because it's canon. Then Akira threw that in o_o; she is like 22 but is err...lolita(word?).

Oh and Akira has her 'loli-shojo' cover-image but tends to laspe into her chain-smoking cyanical personality.

And lastly (for now) a pic of Konata, Kogami, and Tsukasa.

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