Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Summer Anime

Well I just relized something. I'm the same age as Watanuki from "xxxHOLiC" =O

Yes I'm onto my 'Summer Anime' playlist. I playlist for CrystalPlayer Free, that I made with the anime I plan to watch this summer.

Summer is a time for me that I don't want to watch anime that is a more 'thinker' anime like "Wolf's Rain". Those animes are for the Fall & Winter. Shojo anime are for the Spring. Crack/light anime are what I watch in the Summer.

Thus my list has; "Princess Princess", "Lucky☆Star", "xxxHOLiC" (which I had been saving for Summer, even though I downloaded it in November I think), "Yakitate! Japan", and "Cybersix" (which isn't a anime, nor is it light. It's just that I recently got all 12 episodes and love to watch it). "Azumanga Daioh" should be on the list, and I am watching "The Meloncoly of Suzamiya Haruhi" on the side. I am also watching "Yami no Matsuei". I need to get more disks and burn-off some  "KamiKazi Kaitou Jeanne" & some more "Detective Conan" over the next week, and coming week for when I get my wisdom teeth out, so I can watch some of my favourites while I'm on painkillers. Fuck I hope I can wear my glasses....

Now here is a MegaUpload link for "xxxHOLiC" episode#01! "xxxHOLiC" is my favourite manga (actually tied eith "G Senjou no Neko"/"Il Gatto Sul G").
Man I love "xxxHOLiC"'s opening :3


I'm overdue for posting my 'Top 10 Anime' from the past year ^^;

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