Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

ZOMG Cosplay

Yeah I already have my Killua outfit (actually several different outfits ^^;), and my Edward/Al outfit, but my next one shall be....Izumi Konata :3

I found almost all I'll need on ebay, infact there is a person who custom makes the style of school uniform needed, and there is also a very long blue wig avalible. I would just need some pink/brown socks, and some brown loafers.

 I shall buy these things once I get settled in Grande Prairie :3

Oh hellz yes!



And by settled I mean once I've gotten a job, & start my spinning work-out (because I being a student get gym privilages included in my student fees I just paid. Or I might be biking if I can find a place to rent them, or buy a cheap one with my student loan monies. My current one was $300, as it is a fancy vintage British roadbike.).

Oh and the wig would have to have bangs cut on the front and styled slightly like my Killua wig did with a smige of gel....oh and I might have to get some thin wire and make that 'antenna' thing stand-up XD (my Edo one is acheived through ether gel or water. However that is my own hair.).
Tags: cosplay

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