Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

*smirk* x Garden x David Bowie


Yeah. David. Bowie. Oh hellz yeah ;P

But yeah I have a confession to make; David Bowie reminds me of Lestat. Yes pitiful I know :P

Oh and I downloaded a rather old discography of David Bowie hits, thus I have "As The World Falls Down" playing atm ^^;

But yeah anyone know the ALT code for ""? It would be awesome if someone would tell me, so then I could simply type "Lucky{ALT+whaevah}Star" instead of having to search Google for the Wiki article with it in it (it shows-up as the first result and "☆" is in the result text, but yeah ANNOYING).

Speaking of "Lucky☆Star" I am on Chapter 9 of the manga. I am SOOO glad [XLG] took on the project, as the other groups that had been doing-it, kinda of would abandon it after just 1 chapter. Btw "Lucky☆Star" is in koma format, so it's not like it has a lot of text, thus [XLG] is putting it out rather fast (each chapter consists of about 4 pages). [XLG] is also the group putting-out "REC" which as most may know is tied with "Hunter x Hunter" as my fav' anime :3

Oh and my lastest voice post (I think it was the last one...) did not transcribe "zinnia" once, even transcribing it as "Church" once o_O; but yeah I 'thinned' my zinnia (my darlings :3) around a bit, so now I'll have a 'even harvest' when they get to be about 2-2 1/2 feet tall, and I cut a few for inside (they grow back, also another reason zinnia are now my favourite flowers). I have 5 different kinds in my little mini [zinnia] garden this year. I could have had 6 kinds, but did not have $3 when Nob's had a package of the seeds in. I am planning on scanning the packages/sticks soon to post once again how awesome they are (atleast to me :P).

I also moved my petit Music Box sunflowers, but about 2 hours after I did, I went out and it looked like a blight had hit them. Turns out a combination of ants & krackles had decided that they were extremly yummy in their new positions. I had to put 2 quarts of 'Miracle Grow' on my zinnia, petit sunflowers, and on a few other plants (including the tiny bleeding heart, and my newly aquired portucula).

June and I also put out 2 pie-tins tied to a stake in order to keep away the birds, and I dusted around with my 'ChemFree' crawling insecticide.


My e-check cleared for my lovely GACKT logo t-shirt and uke & seme buttons from Gesshoku Designs!

I really wanted a Gackt item, and it was the cheapest/coolest thing I could find when I got some Birthday money :3 The buttons were a last minute decision and will most likely adorn a hat ^^;

I plan on wearing the shirt at my 'going-away party' I will be organizing for sometime around August 20th. I am going to be soooo cool & stylist in it :P

My mom and I also laid-away a bunch of clothes at Zellers on Thursday, after we finsihed-up my Mr. Neville appointment to send-off $3636CAD plus $150CAD for GPRC tuition and confirmation fees.

Yes Matt, I shall almost definatly be arriving around August 26th *knocks on wood* If you still care that is ^^

I picked-out this sexellent 'Levis' t-shirt that is a reddish color and fits me wonderfully. Not too loose, and not too tight. It makes me look good XD

Btw I've apparently gained 15lb o_o since March-ish. I need to try and lose it before I leave, since it isn't 'Winter Weight' just me being lazy....*le sigh* and I have been getting my 5-10 a day :(

So yeah I shall be leaving to water my darlings before dark.

Take care!


I forgot to mention that I was slightly sad that Gackt or l'Arc~en~Ciel did not play at the Tokyo 'LiveEarth' concert last night ;-;

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