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“Another Voice Post mock 32. Just not gonna be on line now. I'm just getting ready to go & water my garden, maybe weird that got to internalize not like that then turn off your phone so, getting rid of the week of plans & move, re situating the stronger bigger plants. Always then you have secondary leaves & I really just want all cinder that I can get. So I'm just gonna move them around a bit more evenly spaced they're, right now there just little clumps & I don't want the bigger ones like hogging the area of little, littler ones. Not that I want to make it easier about 21/2 ft tall & I can cut them & bring them in side. Last yr I had them here till about 1st Nov cos they liked getting frost. But this yr I won't get to see them that long. So I gotta get them & goodbye Church again(?) I'll definitely, hopefully be able to see them bloom so because they bloom around mid Jul. Yeah that's about it, that's my day ciao.”

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