Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Ok today I saw a awesome dog

I was watching "Martha Steward" today, as it is a re-run of 'Animal Week' and I was hopeing to see the serval again (though really it's all about the caracal/karakal which is just plain awesome).

Anyway today was apparently interesting dog breeds. There was 'dredlock dog', multi-colored African dog, and 'lion' dog.

There was also one known as a schipperke.

Can I just say, that if I ever have my own house I am definatly going to try and get me a schipperke.

They only have two shedding periods (like most cats), and have water resistant fur. They are around 16lbs, and are usally jet black. Some are born tailess, and most people tend to dock normal dog's tails. However if left un-docked (I think docking is somewhat cruel) they grow to be ether low-hanging (like a German shepard's) or tightly curled (like a Pomeranian's). A schipperke has two layers of coat and has naturally occuring tuffs.

They are friendly, but require to be a part of their human's life. Otherwise they can try and get negative attention.

They originate from Belgium and were used to guard barges, aswell as for company, and to keep the barge-towing horses moving.

Awesome little-'big' dogs :)

They look kinda like a cat, mixed with a wolf, mixed with a fox.

Once again I'm a 'cat person', and tend to not like dogs.

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