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"The Bedroom Survey" stolen from Monster

"The Bedroom Survey"

Do you have the following in your bedroom?

Condoms: Not at the moment, or in this room.
Birth control: Injections all the way >.> (*lmao*)
Cell phone: Nope, I have no need for one.
Chair/stool: Yes, I have 2 chairs that currently work as tables ^^;
Dresser: Somewhat, but my clothes are kept upstairs...
Computer: Nope *cries*
Pictures: Yep, and yep :3
Mirror: Yes, it's on the back of the dresser. Oh and I have a decaled unicorn mirror :P
Skateboard: Nope.
Bed: *snicker*
Clothes on the floor: I have some shoes on my floor, but I cleaned-up the pair of pants this morning.
Smoke detector: Right above the door.
Piano/keyboard/Guitar/bass: Yes, I can now say I do, as I have my synthesizer on my metal desk.
Locking door: Yes, but no key or skeleton key (old house) -__-;
Bottle of water: I need to buy a new case of Big 8 water.
Blacklight: Nope, but I do have a book-light.
Medals/ribbons/trophies: Yes!
CDs: Yep, though they are not played much ^^;
Flag: Not anymore, as I am in the process of clearing/cleaning my walls.
Stop sign/any sign: Moose Crossing (Trans Canada one bought in Québec).
Real gun: Not even a fake one.
Cigarettes: NO!!!!
Any drug: Nope....well I have quite a few medications and cold/throat remedies.
Alcohol: Nope.
Books: Yes, and yes. They also need to be dusted ^^;
Xbox: Nope.
Gamecube: I did have until I moved it to my cupboard outside my room in the hall.
Playstation2: Not at the moment, it is in the living room.
Stereo: Yes, but it is hardly used anymore ^^;
Lighter: No.

How many windows do you have in your room? 2
What is the colour of your room? Paneling!
What colour is your bed sheet? The fitted has orange & pink flowers and stuff on it, the flat has stripped cats wearing red high-top sneakers on it.
What's on your walls? Random stuff, including Jerry Orbauch, King Tut, All Your Base, Gackt(♥) and anime related stuff.
Has the opposite sex been in your room before? Oh hells yeah (I really miss being able to have Matt & Trev over to hang-out).
Has the opposite sex been on your bed? Yeppers.
Has the opposite sex slept in your bed? depends.
Do you like your bedroom? Oh hellz yeah :3 though I don't like my new light fixture as it is too bright, and I miss my old one with a covering.

(Repost as "The Bedroom Survey")

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