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*bah* Headcold...?

Ok as I mentioned earlier I have a sore throat. Since last night I've also had plugged ears (almost typed plauged o_o;) and a stuffed nose.

So as is almost always manditory, I am once again sick around the time of my Birthday.

Hopefully I shall be better by my Birthday, as Wendy was taking me out for food-stuffs and I would like to be able to enjoy it.....then later on leftovers in my Tent which I planned to set-up Thursday morning.

the Weather Channel & AVR Radio are also calling for rain/showers on the same day ;-; (not that I don't like the rain, I just want to have my tent up for a few days without getting it wet, as it is hard to get dry again)

I also am here to write Anchient History today, and atleast I'm still in my senses, so it shant (hopefully) be a repeat of my Unit #01 Film major test. Once again that was the test I wrote with a fever of 103oC *meh* I WROTE BELA LUGOSI WAS A ACTRESS *WTFOX*!

For those who don't know, Bela Lugosi was the actor who played Dracula -____-;

I also had SOOOOO many other crappy mistakes. 'Cept on the part about Rudolp Valentino, who btw was VERY hot in a exotic Italian way :3

"Dov'e il Rudolph?" ("Where is the Rudolph?")
"Ecco il Rudolph!" ("There is the Rudolph!")

But yes, I have like 20mins to kill before I should be in Mr. Steward's room -__-; and man am i bored...and hot due to no windows being opened.


Well I think I did s'right on my Ancient History [why do I always tend to misspeel(spell) it...] exam.

The last questine was fun. She asked; "During what time period and place would you like to have lived, and why?"

My answer was that I would like to be a male living in Athens before the Persian Wars and before Rome stepped in. I think is would be really cool being a citizen (:P) during a period with such culture that we are still learning about it today.

Now my wrist is sore and my hand is cramped from writing >_< and also my nose has now gone from being stuffed to running. I am also starting to fall into the sickness haze I get. I HOPE I CAN SUCEED AT MY LAW 12 EXAM TOMORROW (tomaro) *bah*!

Though luckily it is open binder, so I do not need to study as much, and thus can have a nice nap once I get 'home'.

I am lso going to pressure June into taking me to Tim's (Tim Horton's) when she picks me up so I can get a nice cool Ice Cap' :3

Seriously a Nanamo bar and a Ice Cap' is living the high life :P

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