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School x Throat x Nintendo Entertainment System (well not really)

Yeah got a exemption in Film 12, so I only have to write Law 12 & Anchient History :3

So that means I just have to come to school Tomorrow afternoon, and Wednesday afternoon, then I'll have the rest of the week off :D Nothing to worry about till the 26th, which is the "almost" Wine & Cheese Party at Mr. Steward's house. I was told all that I didn't go to last year I could goto this year, so I'm doing what I can!

I STILL need someone to take me to Casino Night however -_____-;

But yeah I slept in yesterday, and when I woke-up I had a somewhat sore throat. That evening I had a very sore throat. Today I didn't go to school in the morning, because I couldn't swallow, or talk well.

So yeah hope I can ENJOY that pizza in Anchient History -_- *bah*

I brought in two pigs for Mr. Steward today, one ceramic and one was a beanie-type thing. He likepigs a lot, and sine he is retireing this year, I figured I would give him 2.

I also gave Mrs. Melanson a picture I took during Prom' last year of her and Lucas (her ADORABLE son).

After-school today, I need to call Dr. Martin's office, to see if I have a appointment, which I'm pretty sure I don't for this evening.

I want to call Matt tonight :3

Can I deviate and just say, that even though I have been mean to him in the past and we have had our differences, Matt is a awesome boyfriend and I hope that if I ever have another lover that they are as good as him. And as sexy.

But yes, I want a cheesecake for my Birthday :3 I LOVE chocolate marbel cheesecake, and would LOVE to have one this year as well. I think my mom plans on getting a photo Dairy Queen Icecream Cake however. With my sweet/cute honey Minnow on it. I'd rather have something baked with cream-cheese though....

But yeah I am going to wrap this up, and start getting caught-up on Facebook >_< *meh*

EDIT-- You might also notice I have stopped mispelling Wednesday (unlike a lot of other things), as I have got a system;

Wed - NES - Day

Thus is my system.


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