Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Some Yami no Matsuei screenshots

As the title says. Some screenshots from episodes 01-05.

Ok VLC is not my favourite media player, but I need it to play certain file types.

It has a habit of causing interesting effects when you rewind a bit.

Like here it reminds me of bleeding fabric.

I went back and took roughly the same shot without the crappy VLC glitch.

It looked like a mini Tsuzuki was after Hijiri's face.

Kazusa is my fav' character. She is just soooooo damn cute!!!!!

Huzzah!~ *point*

Wtf? Jason-kun? Can I have some brick cake!? o_o;

And it was like spinning so fast it glowed o_o; I wouldn't trust my kid's, or my housewife fingers around that thing!

Also does it only accept square & finger shapped items? 

AND it runs off ONLY 2 AA batteries! =O


I took a few of just the cityscapes and such from the first episode.

And now shots from the scene I am tended to call "Watari knows who bitch", which is just a crack/Gangsta title.

"You okay?"
Oh shit.
I love the expressions on their faces.Protect the innocent!
Abusing the urk?

More yelling at the urk.
"le sigh."

And last is a animated .GIF I made in Flash It makes me chuckle really bad.




But yeah Kazusa is damn cute!♥

Also I like Hijiri EDIT--- That "urk" should read "Uke"

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