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End of School Year

Well the exams I have to write are; 

Ancient History on Tuesday (afternoon),

Law 12 on Wednesday (afternoon),

and Film 12 on Friday (afternoon)

Sure I have to write 3 exams, but they are all in the afternoon (thus I can sleep-in), and I have none for Thursday, so thus I'll have my Birthday off from school :3

Tomorrow is they last day pretty much, but I have to work super hard on my Global Geography final project (given in place of a exam).  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

But yeah "Grad' Skip" is on Friday ^^

Glow bowling, and other activities is what Mr. Steward has informed us. I should have fun this year (last year it rained horrible, but I didn't go anyway as Matt decided he would rather go to Koady's, and I had very few friends (just Matt and Jessica some) in that grade 12 hoard.

I am going, unless it calls for thunder & lightning, which I doubt it will.

Mr. Steward gives out free candy, so it's worth it *lol*

 Then Monday it's 'Review day', and I'm coming in for Ancient History, and probably Film 12. Mrs. Melanson (Ancient History teacher) has promised us pizza for the last period (I have her class first & last that day). I motion for pineapple as a topping and what-not ^_^~♥

Now I've gotten myself hungry, and I have a meeting with Mr. Butt (my mom's accountant) after-school about finishing-up my student loan forms/checking the facts on the application. So I'll have to see if mah mom will buy me food-stuff beforehand.

Anyway it's 10 mins to the final bell, thus I have to go get my stuff together, so ciao :P

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