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Flim Storyboard part #2

Film Storyboard: "Halloween in June"

Shot# 13:

EEK! Skeletal hand from the darkness =O

Shot# 14:

*clink clink rattle rattle* Silly-looking skeletons stagger out of the 'closet'.

Shot# 15:

*wack* Alex smakes the sword-skeleton with his pillowcase.....(seriously that other one DIDN'T have a sword last shot, he REALLY had a pike...)

Shot# 16:

Deven walk between the skeletons and Alex; "Yo, we don't settle things with swords and that jazz dis day an' age. We jus' play 'Trivial Pursuit'." (no it is not Kung-Fu)

Shot# 17:

*swing!* A box-o-'Trivial Pursuit' appears, as now-wigless Alex, Deven, and the skeletons gather round.

Shot# 18--deleted scene:

zoom-up from the center of the board.

Shot# 18:

Deven reading a card. [My fav' picture thus far]

Shot# 19:

Over-the-shoulder of Alex lifting his game-piece.

Shot# 20:

Alex reaching the finish (seriously haven't seen a 'Trivial Pursuit' board in a few years).

Shot# 21:

off-center shot of Deven & Alex giving a high-five, with just the horns from the silly-viking helmet of one of the skeletons.

Shot# 22:

Defeated skeleton motioning for the boys to follow.

Shot# 23:

Skeletons leaving the 'bedroom', with Deven in tow.

Shot# 24:

Skeletons starting the walk down the stairs. Deven & Alex coming out of the 'bedroom'.

Shot# 25:

The skeletons fall down the stairs due to crappy balance and such *thump thump thump*. 
--The End.

Yes I ended it differently Armadei, I reached my 25 hsots and thus decided to make them fall down the stairs ^^;

Wasn't that wonderful? Marvelous? Cheesy? Kraft Diner? ^_^ *thump thump thump*
Tags: film storyboard

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