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[icon] Flim Storyboard part #2 - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Current Music:Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines -- Club Confession ~ {Ministry - Bloodlines}
Current Location:Shaglehod in Spring
Subject:Flim Storyboard part #2
Time:08:51 pm
Current Mood:hungryhungry
Film Storyboard: "Halloween in June"

Shot# 13:

EEK! Skeletal hand from the darkness =O

Shot# 14:

*clink clink rattle rattle* Silly-looking skeletons stagger out of the 'closet'.

Shot# 15:

*wack* Alex smakes the sword-skeleton with his pillowcase.....(seriously that other one DIDN'T have a sword last shot, he REALLY had a pike...)

Shot# 16:

Deven walk between the skeletons and Alex; "Yo, we don't settle things with swords and that jazz dis day an' age. We jus' play 'Trivial Pursuit'." (no it is not Kung-Fu)

Shot# 17:

*swing!* A box-o-'Trivial Pursuit' appears, as now-wigless Alex, Deven, and the skeletons gather round.

Shot# 18--deleted scene:

zoom-up from the center of the board.

Shot# 18:

Deven reading a card. [My fav' picture thus far]

Shot# 19:

Over-the-shoulder of Alex lifting his game-piece.

Shot# 20:

Alex reaching the finish (seriously haven't seen a 'Trivial Pursuit' board in a few years).

Shot# 21:

off-center shot of Deven & Alex giving a high-five, with just the horns from the silly-viking helmet of one of the skeletons.

Shot# 22:

Defeated skeleton motioning for the boys to follow.

Shot# 23:

Skeletons leaving the 'bedroom', with Deven in tow.

Shot# 24:

Skeletons starting the walk down the stairs. Deven & Alex coming out of the 'bedroom'.

Shot# 25:

The skeletons fall down the stairs due to crappy balance and such *thump thump thump*. 
--The End.

Yes I ended it differently Armadei, I reached my 25 hsots and thus decided to make them fall down the stairs ^^;

Wasn't that wonderful? Marvelous? Cheesy? Kraft Diner? ^_^ *thump thump thump*
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Time:2007-06-12 06:48 am (UTC)
Yay! The skeletons have those funny little viking helmets! :p

Cheese is good. Mmmm. I think I'll make some macaroni and cheese for lunch tomorrow.

Err . . . story. Right.

I like! (I also agree with your favourite illustration.)

I had a suspicion that my random crack!fic might've been too long, but the skeletons just fall? Randomly? It might make more sense (though 'sense' is a subjective term here) if the boys push them down the stairs. Or maybe the stairs have oil on them and they slip! (That was me shamelessly borrowing from Thief 3 there, by the by.)

Current Music: Vampire - The Masquerade Bloodlines -- Club Confession ~ {Ministry - Bloodlines}

*blink* Where'd you get Bloodlines music? Did you buy the game? (Even if you did, I'm impressed if you're already up to Downtown LA!)

It's interesting that you chose that song, though; it's probably my least favourite from the game even though I know it's supposed to be the theme song considering the title.

When I first entered The Asylum in Santa Monica and heard Chiasm's 'Isolated', I was quickly addicted and made a mental note to mention that the dance clubs in Bloodlines have outstanding music in my review post.

I vividly remember exploring Downtown LA for the first time. 'Wow, this place is big, too. And . . . is that a cathedral? What's that doing in Downtown LA? This calls for some investigation . . .

'Oh, it's another dance club. And . . . I think I'll have to take back that music comment.'

I also ran into a bug in Club Confession where my dance action didn't work properly.

Downtown LA was an . . . interesting place for music. The second I stepped into The Last Round and heard Genitorturers' 'Lecher Bitch' pounding I was a bit taken aback. The song just bleeds anger, passion, and rebellion, which is perfect for the Anarchs, but it was heavier than what I'm used to. Since then, however, I've come to rather like it.

My favourite songs from Bloodines, besides 'Isolated', were Darling Violetta's 'Smaller God', Tiamat's 'Cain', and Lacuna Coil's 'Swamped'. Almost all of the background music was also excellent, except I really couldn't stand 'moldy old world', which played at the Giovanni mansion.

If you want, I can give you the music from Redemption, the other Vampire: The Masquerade game. I don't think the Modern Nights music (London and New York City themes) is as good as Bloodlines' and there's only one song with vocals, but Redemption has some lovely Dark Ages themes (for Prague and Vienna).
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Time:2007-06-12 10:46 pm (UTC)
Oh hell yes :3 (if it's Halloween this time of year, you need them!)

Yes, I thought of that too, hence the "Kraft Dinner" reference. Kraft Dinner is boxed macaroni and cheese, only very yummy, and Canadian ^_^ (do you want a box?)

Yes, only a bit too long.

Sense?! It makes perfect sense! Have you ever seen cheesy-viking-hatted skeletons walk down stairs? I know I haven't! (*lmao*) They must have ether been carried-up the stairs, or brought in through the window (like that bathtub from "Home Inprovement"....nvm). *bah*

But yes I relized that I had one away from the 25-shots, and decided to end it. I assume that their limbs flew-off too, and their was some comedic scene involving a skull, and such.

Nope hun' I didn't buy it (though if I had a credit card I could of bought a dowload from Dell).

http://www.mininova.org/tor/351497 <---- that is a torrent of a soundtrack of sorts that I downloaded (as I wanted to hear the game's music).

I put what was playing atm. I haven't heard all of the tracks yet.

"Swamped" is such a awesome song :) reminds me of Yes (Matt's favourite band, here is "Homeworld" http://www.mediafire.com/?4pnkibtdot2), "Come Around" is also very cool ^_^

I'll take whatever you got ^^
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Time:2007-06-18 11:01 pm (UTC)
I know that there's a Kraft brand of macaroni and cheese that they sell here in the US, but we usually buy the cheaper grocery store brand instead. Part of me wonders just how different it could be from the Canadian version . . .

Have you ever seen cheesy-viking-hatted skeletons walk down stairs?

*laughs* No, I can't say I have. :p

"Home Improvement"? That show with Tim Allen? I used to watch it occasionally, but I can't remember the bathtub reference.

I put what was playing atm. I haven't heard all of the tracks yet.

Ahh. I'd be interested in your thoughts once you're heard them all.

I've never heard of Yes before, but I can sort of hear the resemblance. They're like a . . . lighter rock version of Lacuna Coil with very different vocals. (. . . have I mentioned that I'm bad at trying to pin music genres on songs?)

I had to split the Redemption music files into two ZIPs since it was over 100MB combined. (Did MediaFire reduce their upload limit? >_>) In any case, the first one ("Redemption Music and Dialogue Clips") contains, well, music and dialogue clips. Most of the music file names should be self-evident; of the ones that aren't, 'DA' is 'Dark Ages' (which go with Prague and Vienna) and 'MD' is, I believe, 'Modern Days' (London and NYC). (Though why it's not 'Modern Nights' I have no idea.) My personal favourites are Anezka's theme, the Prague and Vienna hubs, and the second Dark Ages boss. ['DA Boss 2' is also, if I remember correctly, the music file that plays when you install the game.]

As far as dialogue clips, I didn't include too many. Redemption begins with a video of Christof, the main character, being hit in the stomach with an arrow during battle. He's taken to a convent to recuperate and there meets Sister Anezka. In Anezka's clip, she's telling Christof about the Silver Mines in Prague, which is your first quest.

There are two Christof clips. The first is from a conversation Christof has with the local blacksmith before heading off to the Silver Mines; it's a good self-introduction. The second is shortly after Christof is turned into a vampire; he's not always so angsty, but Christof's struggle on how to deal with his loss of faith and apparent damnation after fighting as a Crusader for Christendom as a mortal is one of the main themes of the game.

Next are three Dev/Null clips. Dev/Null is my favourite character and the sole Malkavian in the game. He doesn't appear until Christof and company reach New York City, but he's quite the memorable personality and the one I named my first Bloodlines character after. Dev/Null's line 'I guess I'll have to stick to my dancing hamster videos; they've changed my life' is part of my computer sound scheme and plays whenever I have an update to download.

Finally, I included one line of Serena's, who is one of only a few female computer game character that I really like. She's of Clan Cappadocian, who were later wiped out and replaced by Clan Giovanni. (Which was rather sad as I don't particularly like the Giovanni.) This particular line made me laugh the first time I heard it, though I'm not sure that was the game designer's intent; she's talking to Christof while in Stephansdom, Vienna.

The second ZIP file ("Redemption Ambient") contains the ambient sounds for Redemption, which includes sound effects such as rain falling, wind blowing, and houses creaking. I debated whether or not to include it, but in the game, they play together with the music files. Plus, I think some of them are pretty nifty on their own, like the ambient for the Tower of London.
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Time:2007-06-18 11:46 pm (UTC)
I've never had the American version so I wouldn't know it is tastier or what. Kraft Dinner is one of the few things I dont substitut with no-name stuff. It's only 35cents more so it's not a big deal, since it is like $0.85-1.00 in general all together.

Exactly! If I ever make a cheesy B-horror film I'll have to include that.

Yes! One of the only things I can remember is the theme room ones, and the episode where Tim decided to re-model Jill's bathroom. The tub wouldn't fit, so they made the window bigger, and hiosted it through there.

Yes is damn old. And they keep spliting-up and then getting back together.

I'll get back to you went I've got a chance to listen.
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Time:2007-06-18 11:46 pm (UTC)
and you can tell I didn't spell-check -_-
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Time:2007-06-18 11:03 pm (UTC)
. . . and just in case you'd like to listen to the music in game order (not counting themes and bosses), it's:

-Prague Hub
-Prague Silver Mines
-Prague Hub 2
-Prague Petrin [Petrin Hill Monastery]
-Prague NQGolem [North Quarter Golem]
-Prague Josef Tunnels
-Prague Ardan Chantry
-Vienna Hub
-Vienna Orsi
-Vienna Stephansdom
-Vienna Teutonic [Teutonic Knights' Base]
-Vienna Haus [Das Haus die Hexe]
-Prague Vysehrad [Vysehrad Castle]
((transition to Modern Nights))
-London Society [Society of Leopold]
-London Hub
-London ClubTen Outside
-London ClubTen [Club Tenebrae]
-London Brothel
-London Setite [Setite Temple]
-London Tower [Tower of London]
-NYC Hub
-NYC Sewers
-NYC Giovanni
-NYC Factory
-NYC Cathedral [Cathedral of Flesh]
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[icon] Flim Storyboard part #2 - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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