Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Flim Storyboard part #1

Film Storyboard: "Halloween in June"

Shot #1:

Devan & Alex walking down the sidewalk, Alex is all "Yo, let'z check out dat ol'house sucka."

Shot #2:

shot of the 'old haunted house'.

Shot #3:

Alex is trying the door, Deven is "Dis house iz t3h shit." They are both on the steps.

Shot #4:

They enter the main foryé(sp?) and Deven pulls out a flashlight. They walk down the hall.

Shot #5:

They walk to a staircase.


Zoom-up/along [of] the stairs.

Shot #7:

They walk-up the stairs.

Shot #8:

They reach the top of the stairs. Alex; "Let's explore dis wacked place."

Shot #9:

Alex outside of the 'bedroom'.

Shot# 10:

Deven by the bed.

Shot# 11:

The 'closet' door.

Shot# 12:

Alex about to open the 'closet' door; "Pish." says Alex.

I thought that was a good spot to leave-off :P
Tags: film storyboard

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