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To-Do List

This is a list of what I have to complete soon, and the deadlines;

Law 12 Scrapbook (tomorrow, but I'm going to skip so Tuesday),
Film 12 5-10 page script (tommorow, but now Tuesday),
Vindobala (Friday June 1st),
re-book Mr. Brain Neville for Law 12 (this week) now it is June 11th :) yay!,
send off my course comfirmation forms (this week-next week),
25-scene storyboard for Film 12 (June 11)

Following are some pictures of what I have been doing about Vindobala (part of Hadrian's wall);

Most of my supplies, and parts that have been made so far. The pink bits, are smaller molds, and the pie tins contain the parts I have un-molded.

The first mold, and the one that contains MANY pieces. The most important being the curved corner piece to the bottom left.

Plaster bricks :P The teal bits are parts of the sponge that got ripped-off.

Tiny little Antinous, and Hadrian as added props for the wall.

On of the plans of the fort I have. The highlighted parts, are the bits, I have to make for my Vindobala ruins.

The plan again.

Another simpiler plan.

Some pictures of Vindobala/Hadrian's wall.


That is all for tonight ^^; 

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