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*hehe* Just wanted to go with a PPP theme, but yeah the HxH 'x's actually have a meaning for this post.

First-off prices;

It will cost $3636CAD for everything not including all the art supplies I will need >.> but including my sexy Health plan ^_^

That is for the schooling alone & such.

I still need to send $1950CAD by August 10th to the Housing office.


I'm now not sure I even 'want' to go all the way out there.
I don't know what I want for a career, I don't know if I'll even know anyone out there [(Matt may be leaving GP) besides Paul], and also I will really miss my cat [she is all I have, after all (well I have friends, but people can very easily just drop contact)].

Thus I am in a "I may not want to, but I have to" situation. Though I may enjoy it once it begins.


Now for Projects;

I have to BUILD HADRIAN'S WALL this weekend -_-; So yes I need to bum money from my mom for some paint, and maybe some plaster. It shall be sexy. I'll even try and make a tiny Antinous, and put him somewhere's on my constuction :3

I ALSO have to finish my Law 12 Scrapbook thiss weekend too. Well the write-ups anywayz.

Probably some Global Geo' thing too, know Ms. Leith >_<

Oh and I need to use my BRAND NEW (well second-hand, 1970-ish) synthesizer and make a awesome (*snicker* yeah right.) com-po-sit-ion ^^;


For Pal (yes only one atm);

I have been chatting more with Chad latley. He really is quite entertaining, and witty.

Today I was dropping my stüff off at Mrs. Melanson's room for Ancient History after lunch, and I had to stay (instead of going to the compy lab), because the "Le Cigarette" convo' was waaaaaaaaaaay too entertaining not to.

Chad: If I'm ever a super-villian, I'll be 'Le Cigarette'. I'll wear a white suit, and sunglasses. And I can say "Why don't you smoke me [as in punch me] sometime?" to the hero.
Me: and your power can be noctious smoke that follows you around.
Chad: Yes, and make people cough!
Me: Though in Britain they will call you a fag.

Thus  I had a entertaining lunch-time.


Anyone (mostly directed at Armadei) still have the Hunter x Hunter musicals files? I had to delete them, and now the torrent has been taken down. Thus I can not re-download them. 

Now I know;

Anyway, it looks like someone put my HxH musicals up on torrent without my permission.  I'm not going to ask for it to be taken down, since it helps the fans, but I feel no reserve in saying how rude and inconsiderate it is for someone to do this without even letting me know.  ______Cruel Angel Productions

But I would still like to get them back.

If not I'll have to buy them (upon me moving to Grande Prairie).


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