Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


*gah* I am so damn bored. I really need to find something entertaining to do. 

Matt isn't online, and Stace darted-off before I could ask her if he is working. Trev is away. And there really is noone else online. 

*bah*I need to find a new enthralling game. GuildWars was fun, until I had to play it alone. RuneScape is still good, but I can't stand the n00bs this time of day, and I really don't feel like training anything. 

I AM SICK OF OTTD. Like I was going on a roll with it last night, but not today. Today it is *meh*.

I can't seem to find any good fanfics ether. I can't read yaoi manga atm because my mom is home -_-; not that I have anything good right now anyway. 

I need to find the next good thing with Matt to do when he is off >_<

D20 was great but I think I expended Matt too quickly/soon in it. Sure making him GM is good, but not all the time. Now he is out of ideas, and in no real mood to play anyway. I really miss playing it though. I'm kinda glad I played it so much though, since if I hadn't it would probably be over now anyway, so atleast I got some enjoyment out of it. I don't think I'll be willing to play anymore role-playing games with Matt anytime soon however, unless they involve certain things ^^; because I might as well have that if it isn't going to last long.....

Sure I know Matt is feeling down, and I try to help him when I at all can. Playing something with him brightens us both-up generally.

I really should have stayed in bed tonight and watched TV. I had a nap after-school, but I got-up figuring I'd find more enjoyment on the computer. Oh well maybe I'll watch some KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne? I really wish I hadn't passed-up that Tim Horton's Ice Cap' though, in exchange for coming here ;-;


Well I took tonight to figure out mIRC some ^^; Found out how to download things from bots.
Though sadly hyukta not enough yet to get "I Wish" (which is currently at vol.5 o_o)
So yeah getting Gallery Fake 01 atm from Live-Evil ^___^ since for some reason the scarewater torrent site is unavalible to me atm o_o


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