Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Music & Pancakes

Made blueberry & oatmeal pancakes today. I made a batch last week and froze 4 of them. They freeze and unfreeze well, so they are now in my recipe-usage thing. They will be good to have/make when I'm in teh dorms.

I also made a taco bake and burnt it.


I reintrroduced myself to The Red Elvises tonight *lol* Ah good to lisen to when I'm bored and need something with a high when trying to play OTTD with Matts.

I need to make a playlist of just; GacktJOB, Imogen Heap, Erasure, Sparta Locals, Kasabian, and The Red Elvises



Slowly downloading "Detective Conan" again. I'm kicking myself for deleting it. I had no idea [Anime-Conan] went down the first bit of March. Well it did take up 12GB of space I needed, but yeah. Gonna be a reall wank to re-download. I'll probably still be downloading it once I'm in GP by the 42w remaining bit I've been given for only 10 episodes of it....

Btw "Lucky ☆ Star" is a great show ^_^

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