Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Blah, DMC, and such

Yeah took yesterday off school, as my stomach is acting up again, as I am stressed.

I am stressed over a lot of things, most of which is money.

I need $200 by Friday to send in to GPRC housing. My mom said she would give it to me but now she is threatening not to.

She has gotten really nasty. She spent all of my college money she could get after Marsha changed her mind and I was stuck in NS another year, and now she is all "I don't care. I don't need to do anything for you, I'll be done with you soon. So leave me alone you slut."

If I don't go to college this fall I don't think I'll be going at all. I have been getting so upset, about everything lately and this is not good for my stomach or myself.

I worry about everything from student loans to my relationship with Matt (though that matter is something I can work on).

I have a huge fear of getting out to Grande Prairie doing horrible at school, or really hating it, or it not being what I want to do.

To remedy this feeling I started a few seeds, and played DMC. (I am really angry at _ryo_jin_atm >_< fucker...or should I say Spoiler-Whore!)

But yes. I'm at Nelo Angelo fight #2 on my "I don't give a fuck about secret missions or red orbs" game, and at 'One Eyed Evil' on my "good" game Normal difficulty of course ([ don't need no Easy! f34r m4h 1337 5k1775 81'407ch5 XD (translation "Fear my leet skills bi'aotch")]


I stayed-up late last night in order to see the Canucks win 4-1 ^_^ I don't like hockey much, and I'll be one of the first people to say how boring it is to watch, but when the Canucks are doing good I feel happier. I will most likely switch to the Oilers upon moving however, since they are my second fav' and are a Alberta team.


Also wanted to see if "Dancing With The Stars" was on again. I wanted to tape "A Little Respect" samba style. Whoever sang it did a nice Andy Bell empression :D

Sadley it wasn't on again so no Erasure cover for Sarah -_-;


My jaw has been hurting a fuck load this past weekend and soon I will be having my wisdom teeth out -_-; so yeah *fuck*


Ah what else can I ramble about?

Nothing I guess, besides CrystalFree not wanting to play .MOVs anymore, though I suspect it being my comp and not the program.

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