Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

DMC & *le sigh*

I bought Devil May Cry (1) on Friday. I should have bought DMC2 while I was at it, since EB Games has a 20% off special for Edge card holders this month. I also brought back like $25 ^^

I'm stuck at the Nelo Angelo (sp?) boss fight. Phantom fight #2 is VERY easy (actually I exploited it this afternoon to get like 2000 red orbs...), and the shadow fight is medium difficulty.

The demon guy is like HARD though. Well maybe it won't be hard after I stop *flailing* at him and using Demon Trigger and Ebony & Ivory, and start using a stragity.

Once again Dante is hot/cool. Very cool infact.


On Tuesday (I didn;t find out till Thursday, since I skipped class Tuesday morning, and took the whole day off Wednesday) a Grade 10 South Korean exchange student at my school, fired off a Uzi-esk cap gun and made references to Virgina Tech & Columbine, in the school's weight-room

Can I just say, "What the fuck is wrong with people?!"

I don't talk about current events very often, like news events, such as school shootings, or politics, thus I've avoided this issue. This BRHS exchange student deserves to get sent back to South Korea if he is going to make light of a matter like that though.

That is all on that topic. Since I don't want to sound like a bitch or such.


I REALLY miss Matt this week. I know that part of it has to do with what time it is, but it is also because I REALLY don't like the distance factor. I know I will maybe see him soon since GRPC lets out soon, but then again I might not. That really bugs me. I won't dwell deeper into this though considering how pessimistic I get during this particular time.


Exchange students are sent back if police are involved or if they are violeting school policies or those of the exchange program. The year before last 3 exchange students were sent back to Germany because one was caught smoking pot, and blamed the others as well.


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