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What Roman Emperor am I? meme and Back

You scored as Hadrian. You are the great emperor Hadrian. Not only great for the fact that he didn't mess something up, but he relentlessly administered the empire and set viable borders. Art, cultivation and wisdom mark your reign. The fact that you prefer the boys really helps with the wise handing over of the purple to only the most qualified.






Antoninus Pius


















Marcus Aurelius






Which Roman Emperor Are You?
created with

Oh joy I got Hadrian all because I choose that I liked strapping young men o_o; oh well....atleast I get to build a massive wall :D

So yeah I've had a cold/flu since March 9th and haven't been online much in the past week ('cept to post a few memes and talk to Matt like 2 nights).

I went to Dr.Yafai yesterday after going to outpatients twice (I was told the the first time to come back if it lasted another week). I was given anti-biotics and told to take it easy (I'm still going to school though). I also told him about this sharp pain in my side I've had all weekend, and he told me it is most likely cased by coughing (a muscle on my side near my lung), and if it keeps-up to come back.

After that we went to Super Store (only bought V8 juice & sunflower oil), and then to Zellers.

Zellers is now one of my favorite stores in Greenwood :) they renovated and even though they got rid of their GameCube games section (only 4 games left), they added a whole canned/pantry food section :D

I got 2 'Tupperware' (Lock & Lock brand-name) containers. One holds a litre and has 3 food dividers. It is shaped like a oblong rectangle. The other is square and has 4 food dividers. All the dividers are removable.

I got them because they have these 'snap' type lids that I love because they have this removable rubber seal along the edge aswell so they WILL NOT LEAK no matter what angle they are at or if they are dropped.

They are made in Korea for a Québec company o_o called 'Atlantic' something or other...

I have declared Mondays my semi-bento day. It pretty much means since it is the first day after the weekend I already have different foods cooked, so I just bring a little of everything and arrange them semi nice. Easier now with these dividers :) I also made fried onigiri on Saturday. The second time I had made them and they turned out good. I want to try them with a different type of soft rice though. I even froze some going by ss_biggie's method. They thaw pretty well, and are great to dig out anf nuke in the morning along with my spaghetti-muffins (spaghetti frozen in a Texas muffin pan so there are little portions).

Since I want to break in my larger container I am taking tomorrow; a mini salad with bell peppers and ranch dressing, a onigiri with sundried tomato decoration, some sauteed California-mix vegetables with slivered almonds, 6 baby cookies, some 'cheeseburger' noodles, and some chocolate pudding.

Zellers also now sells SANPELLEGRINO; ARANCIATA!!!! :D my quest is over for a supply >^_____^<

On another note;


Yes there ^^;


I watched part#2 of "Howl's Moving Castle" last night =O *squee* I wish some Studio Ghibli movies were longer, and had some 'fan-service' in them. I really wanted to see Howl and Sofie kiss upclose with Howl in his normal form. But no we got far away kiss >_< I do now want to borrow the book from teh libray though (if "A Stich in Time" EVER comes in -_-) I have 4 books I want to read before I move;
"A Stich in Time",
"Casino Royal",
"La Petit Prince",
"Howl's Movie Castle"

And if I finish these then I want to start some of the books Armadei recommends, hopefully while I'm camping on the lawn this year.


I have to finish my rough-copy of my Ancient History essay by Friday >.> I only have like 600words written though....mostly on food *bah* Matty did get me a few sources I need though :) on prayers for healing and on marriage.

I also have to finish a assignment on thresholds for Global Geography...

For Film 12 I need to people-watch and record anything I find interesting for script-writting stuff >_< *mah*


Yes I am WAY behind in comments again -__-;
Also I have something I need to get done by April 4th....

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