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Some Erasure songs

I recently downloaded the "Discography" of's not really a complet discography since they are still going and releaseing a new cd in May (the single 'I Could Fall In Love With You' is going to be out April 2nd). They are also going to be part of the "True Colors" (to commemerate gay & lesbian pride month) tour...I wish I could be in Toronto or Boston around my birthday to see them preform...or in Atlanta on my birthday *lmao*

So here are some of my favourite tracks from what I downloaded;

'Chains of Love' -- My fav' Erasure song.

'I'll Be There'

'Love to Hate You' -- btw Andy Bell (lead singer) is openly-gay.

'Little Repect' -- I keep getting this song stuck in my head.

'I Could Fall in Love With You' -- this is a promo track of the radio edit.

Yes Erasure is generally a "80's Synth-Pop" of my favourite kinds....I love the upbeatness.

I'm going to buy a t-shirt from their site someday.


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