Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Happy B'Day Minn-Minn

~~~Happy belated Birthday~~~
Minnow Tora!!!!

Yeah yesterday was Minn's 3rd Birthday. That time is way off on the was like 1:30am this morning...."we" (meaning me since Minn was asleep at the foot of my bed) were watching some movie with Agnus Moorehead and Rock Hudson in it...

I didn't get her a toy yesterday since the vet's office closed early (they sell these puff-balls she is crazy for), but I did buy her a bag of beef Temptations and take her for a walk last night (since I was at outpatients all day). We didn't get to play Hide & Seek (yes I hide and she finds me and then I chase her and she hides ^^;), since I wasn't in the mood.

June and Wendy hung-up 2 balloons, and made a sign "Happy 3rd Birthday Minnow!", and I think they cracked....but it was really just a sign of how much I am loved since this will hopefully be the last time I'll be home in March for the next 2-3 years...I say hopefully not because I don't want to be here, but because I hope I get accepted to take the later year(s) of the Visual Arts course I am taking at GPRC.

I am really going to miss my cat when I'm gone. She really is really like the only one I am certain I'll have (atleast for the next few years)...she makes me feel so happy and at peace.

So yeah; here is good-bye to the "Terrible Twos" and welcome the "Trying Threes" *sigh*

...and they were terrible, she is the most worst behaved cat I've ever had. But I still love her ^^;


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