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*blah*, I'm sick.

Ok well after I got 'home' Saturday (I think that's when I posted...), I started feeling REALLY dizzy. I took my temperature and it was 102.8oF so I went to bed. I woke up again at like 8:00pm, and felt very cold & sore. My nose was stuffed and all that jazz.

I went to outpatients yesterday, and saw Dr. Ganapathy. He told me I have a cold, and thus have to 'ride it out'...

I'd be happy if I didn't have this horrible cough, that decides to bother me the most when I'm lying down >___________< thus I've been keeping very odd hours since Saturday (generally seeing the sunrise).

So yeah I had a weird dream last night/thins morning; I was hanging out with Armadei (no idea how come), and we where in this ornate, dark/hard wood room, with stained-glass windows running along the top of the room (like it was in a basement). I think it was in a church basement... But yeah, and she was standing near the doorway looking out, and I was standing in front of this burrore with this big mirror. I was washing my teeth from a wash-basin on the buror. That was the whole dream. I then woke-up coughing and Minnow jumped on top of my chest and went to sleep, as if somehow having a 10lb cat sleeping on my chest would help my cough. It did help me go back to sleep though. I find Minn makes me feel at peace/happy ^^; 'specially when I'm sick.

Also everything I eat tastes like eating styrofoam cups....all I can remotely taste is 'salt'...and this really burnt tasting lukewarm Tim Horton's coffee I got because of "Roll-up the Rim to Win".


I did get to finish Ouran Host Club! I was kinda dissapointed in the no TamakiHaruhi kiss scene I so expecting for the end, but other than that it was one of the most complet series endings I've experienced in awhile. "Good Job!"__Kei from MoonChild

Wendy also borrowed For Your Eyes Only, and A View to A Kill so I could enjoy some James Bond while I'm mostly in bed. She also bought me some icecream :D

I've been craving Arizona green tea....just when the whole town was out 'cept for 3 cans ;-; so I have to make them do me until the next shipment comes in.

Oh and my PS2 is somewhat working with my 'old skool' (1973) TV in my room. I think because I played Bujingai from 12:30am-3:45am yesterday(?) morning, dispite it being a wank, and going all wonky. Made me give up playing the Infested Burrows midway though, and Cloud Sea.

I hope it coopertaes long enough for me to watch A View to A Kill and Ghost In A (The?) Shell (I borrowed it from Cullen like a month ago, but haven't been able to watch it due to DVD player & PS2 issues.

For Your Eyes Only was s'lright, I didn't like how they portrayed Kristatos and Columbo...not 'thug'-like enough. I tend to think of the Bond movies as not being the books. Like they are just 2 unrealted James Bonds. It keeps me from getting annoyed at all the 'hype', and almost total disregard for Ian Fleming's original stories. Speaking of which I need to borrow Casino Royal from the Library some day soon.


I'm going to renew my RuneScape members someday soon. I would have done it tonight, but with this cold, I can't remember my card# or password.


I'm on...I think chapter 11 of The Vampire Lestat audiobook I have atm. Word to the wise, don't listen to it in the middle of the night, while having a gives odd dreams.

btw I am starting to like the actor who is reading it. he did a good job getting into character during two parts so far; the part where Lestat looks at himself in the mirror after he changed, and the part where he notices how tiny the feet of the rat are.

I still like the abridged Interview With The Vampire audiobook I have the best, because of KEEPING THE FRENCH ACCENTS AND FRENCH PRONOUCIATIONS! I hate how in The Vampire Lestat (ect.) they call Louis 'Lew-is' instead of 'Lou-ee'...even though they still call King Louis 'Lou-ee' >_< Louis is from NEW ORLEANS, not Chicago....or some other such non-French place.

I also like it because of the actor uses a good voice for potraying 'out-of-it' Lestat.


Yes many rambles because I haven't been online in a few days, and I'm in a good mood dispite being sick with a cold.


I drew this last night while listening to said audiobook, at said late hour. I was trying to draw a semi-ralistic picture of Zinnian. I like how it turned out, even though it still looks kinda anime-ish...I did capture the 'life' I always think of him as having.

I'm really glad to be taking a realism-drawling course at GPRC come September for Visual Arts *sigh*

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