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I'm feeling a lot better now.

So yeah I'm really tired, so I don't think I'll be able to attend the Anime Screening tonight...oh well it's just "Case Closed" ("Detective Conan" without the special mystery game thing (they didn't send it -_-)

I'm going to make chicken curry tonight anyway. Oh and mail Matts's parcel :) I love sending out mail...because I love receiving mail (a rare occurrence for me). I hope he likes what I got him. I really just bought it because I thought it was adorable (and I would have liked to have owned it myself).

So my weekend is going to be spent finishing watching "Ouran Host Club" (I'm on episode 22), maybe playing Bujingai, and eating curry. Pretty good I'd say. Maybe I'll even call Matt Sunday evening ^_^

My favourite character has changed from Takishi to Kaoru, and I have no idea why. I guess because Takishi only had one 'him'-centric episode. I find each episode satisfying though :) pretty good crack anime.

So yeah next class I will most likely have to give a presentation about Feudalism & Common Law *le sigh* I hate public speaking, and this is even worst since Mr. B was sick until today and thus I didn't get my handouts for the class photocopied [(I can't afford 25cents a sheet for 25 copies (well 50 only on both sides) and he os getting the rest of the classes handouts copied-off for them].


My presentation went alright, buut I became nervious and my lungs felt like they were going to freeze/become inmobile. I didn't have to do a full lenght one because we were short on time left :) so that was alright I guess. I did make a dorky awesome poster with charts on it :)

i know there is left over pizza (I saw a whole box with various slices in it) in the Ancient History classroom (the class before ha d a pizza party) I hope they give it to us, unless it has been eaten by freeloaders during recess. I am so hungry -__-;

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