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[icon] back :P - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Subject:back :P
Time:10:36 pm
Current Mood:hungryhungry
Ok I'm feeling better, though I've been put on a "no red meat or dairy products" diet for a week. I'm on day 4 -__- and I already cheated last night...I had a ice cream sandwich and some cream cheese *sigh* I'm horrible at the 'no dairy products' part...I don't eat vast amounts of red meat anyways.

I bought a bamboo steamer on Thursday...it is too cheap of one though, and thus after using it once to stream some fish&brocoli I don't think I'll be using it until it sits in the porch a little longer...(out porch is cold, and this good for getting bad smells out of wood).

I also bought some sole fillets, and some 'California' style mixed vegetables. I'm trying to prepare them in a different way every day of this diet. I've already steamed them, and made fish-fried rice [vegetables, sole and rice fried in oil/a fry pan along with red-pepper salt, and orange juice (actually juiced-orange)]. I'm going to try making a soup tomorrow. I wish I could make a casserole, but I like cheese in my casseroles so no dice >_<

My comp is still being a slight wank, though slightly beteer after installing the Norton 15 day trial...I'm going to have to keep on it though, and uninstall Norton/reinstall it before it runs out and what-not.


I wonder where Matt has gone...I know he is monkying with Linux, but he hasn't been online latley (I know he is working Friday/Saturday nights).

Oh and Marsha stopped in today :) I looked like crap...I hadn't brushed my hair, and I was in my pajamas -__-; and I was cooking. I guess I kinda missed her though, which I'm finding weird *sigh* I still wish I couls have gone out to vist them before I move in Auguest. I still have money saved-up for it, but that is now going to be used for airfare when I move. It was originally ind=tended for me to take a vacation to New England (Portland), but then I got excited about seeing Matts sooner (or Trev), so I was going to use it for that, but that trip caued my expected costs to triple, so I decided just to use it for my one-way ticket.
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Subject:Oh Noes!
Time:2007-03-05 07:07 am (UTC)
Sorry Luv (Muhaha), I was not on at all today :( (and I know im posting at 12AM my time :P)
But.. well.. I uh. Never got around to being online today :P

I got the Sims 2 Seasons (yippie!)

And ben was playing Ghost Recon Advanced warfighter (bastard!)

But I'll be on all day tommorow! (today? I susppose!)


Matt Outta here!
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Subject:Re: Oh Noes!
Time:2007-03-05 07:37 pm (UTC)
*kiss kiss* (ahahaha)

Ah that's alright I was just wondering weather or not you did something completely overhaul with Linux ^^;

Cool...but I thought you already had it...? 9I really miss being able to play that game *le sigh*)

I'll try to go online then ;) but I may not be able too due to snowz -_-;

Yay? Huzzah *hahaha*

*zoom* (but not *zoom zoom* like from that annoying commercial...)
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[icon] back :P - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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