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elouai dolls ^^;

 Well alchemy_hisokaposted elouai self-dolls so I made one of my own. Mine doesn't have wings though *ahaha*

The 'me' doll. I love her sandals...I have a pair like them. I also wish I had a cool hoodie like her, and cool pants. I dressed her in my "style" :) though my glasses aren't as big. (I'm also more plump... -_-;)

The same as above only with a teacup background :) PINK!


I made a Zinnian doll to :3 I edited his left eye coloring in OC3.5 though...because they didn't have two-toned. His outfit is very 'Zinn' and I soooo want those shoes! They looked like Reebok 'Incubus' style only they are 'Nike'. I've looked at a bunch of places for 'Incubus'es but since Reebok found out that 'Incubus' wasn't what they thought it was I haven't been able to find any.

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