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Anime Screening; Febuary 2007 (+PAPER SUMOS)

Yesterday was the Febuary B.R.H.S. after school Anime Screening :) And we watched;

Samurai 7,
Blood: The Last Vampire,
Yakitate! Japan,
Rizlemine, &
previews for Hellsing; Ultament, Poniponi Dash, & Nerima Daikon Brothers

Mr. Melanson did not leave us with his speaker, so we had to use the classrooms hearing difficulty audio system. 

Our AV set-up;


I brought in 10 apples, and around 10 oranges & tangerines. I also was hired to buy/pick-up pop and popcorn. Chad aquired the styrofoam cups.

But yes, "Samurai 7" was alright, but it isn't really the type of anime I watch so I was kinda 'meh' about it. This was the English dub btw (each month we get a different DVD from Fundamation). The voice actor for the  dark-teal/green haired guy kept reminding me of another character....I think maybe as Vimon from "Digimon", aswell as a few others....

"Blood: The Last Vampire", makes me want to download "Blood+" from KragaMuffin. It was more horror-tyoe than I usally watch, but it had a good plot (though where the OVA starts on the middle of the story there is no begining or end). I loved the Japanese voice actors switching from English to Japanese. Though I find they talked too slow/mono-tone in English. No accents though which showed practice, and that is probally the reason for the slowness.

"Yakitate! Japan" was a HUGE hit amoung those attending (I already love it), and they asked to see more "'bread anime'", however we were told to be out early (5:00pm instead of 5:40pm like we had schedualed), so we couldn't show more "Yakitate! Japan" but we did show "Kogepan".

"Kogepan" is always cute. They girls loved it, but the boys booed it so we didn't show anymore than just episode 01...I did tell them that I uploaded it to YouTube however.

"Rizlemine"...was..err...'interesting'. The theme song is like "Huh? cow!" They are sung by a childish-soice seiyuu and the lyrics are 'suggestive' expessicially the "♪let's do it!♪" courus. It was cute though, and it reminded me of "Azamanga Daiou".

And I've seen part of regualr "Hellsing" but "Hellsing; Ultament" looks interesting...'cept the prissy-sounding voice actors.... -__- 'police-girl' is now a 'full' vampire though...with spiky hair XD

"Pani Poni Dash" in English looks 'blagh'...I would rather see it in Japanese with subs. The teacher reminds me of Mrs.Magomery though ^^;

"Nerima Daikon Brothers" is a dub/show I hope never to be forced to see. And southern-accent voice actors = >_< The only good thing about it was one of the characters looked kinda hansome.


We didn't just watch anime though. Cullen & I also came-up with trivia questines so we could give away "Maho Sensei Nagima" sticker sheets (the Fundamation parcel comes with extras).

"What movie is Samurai 7 based off of?" = "The Seven Samurai"
"What does 'pan' mean in Japanese?" = bread
"What was the first mainstream anime?" = "Astro Boy"/"Tetzuwan Atom"
"What style did Sarah(me) use for the drawlings on this month's posters?" = chibi
"What 1996 anime revolutionalized the what anime was made?" = "Neo Genensis Evangelion"
"What show had robots that have inspired mech' designs since then?" = "Transformers"


In between "Samurai 7" & "Blood: The Last Vampire" we played PAPER SUMOS!!!!! That was the shiznit :3 We had a tournament-type thing which I organized. Cullen made a ring/platform, and handed out paper. I lent-out my markers and we cut out and decorated our 'warriors'. I made it to the finals, but my angry duck lost to a two-headed dinosaur. i'm glad though because the victor gave the prize (a chibi Kurama rubber keychain) to Melanie a loner girl (she looks lonely). I think I would have done the selfish thing and kept it <.<

The arena!

What are paper sumos?

The Kurama keychain ^__^ (I think he is all "*grr* Get down on the floor b'atch!" but that may just be me ^^;)

Coloring the sumos ('panda-girl' is Andrea)

Group photo! (clockwise from top: my annoyed/angry duck, 'Team Jesse', Brendan's fat/happy-guy, Melanie's 'Anime Fan", Andrea's 'Team Forgien Panda', Daneil's two-headed dinosaur)

Cullen-gyouji expains the rules of low-noise paper sumos

Tap the sides. rather than pound on the table.

Cullen-gyouji holding the mini-paper gunbai.

The 'match board' I organized it. The 'randomly' (I looked around the room and wrote down in the order I rmebered their names) chosen ordered table, and the listing;
Match #1: Sarah vs. Jesse (I won)
Match #2: Daneil vs. Brendan (Brendon lost because he smaked the ring because he was losing. Daneil got sent to the finals by default)
Match #3: Andrea vs. Melanie (Melanie pwned Andrea)
Semi-Final: Sarah vs. Melanie (I beat Melanie)
Final: Sarah vs. Daniel (Daniel was the champion)

'angry/annoyed duck' beats 'Team-Jesse'

'two-headed dinosaur' vs. fat/happy-guy

me vs. Melanie (her sumo had two faces.

*wyannn* <---noise my duck makes XD I almost won... as you can see by how close the dinosaur is to the edge.... XDD

Destuction of the stage. (there is a .AVI of it too ^^;)


Andrea drawing on the board (I drew a chibi guy on the right side ^^;)


Finished drawlings, and Rizlemine.


After the 'event' I had Cullen over to my house, since he would have had to wait outside, in the flurries, and the wind, for over a hour, because he was taking the transit bus. I hadn't had company over for over 6-months -__-; and Ijust took him on a tour of my many cool things, and my manga collection :3 Though no worries, since I'm only interested in one guy atm, and I find Cullen way too dorkish.


I have now recieved a message from the Annapolis Valley Regional Libray Anime & Manga Club that I have won the "Thanks for answering the questionnaire" draw. So now in a few days I have to go to the town libray to pick-up a "packet of goodies" >^____^< *squee*

I am definatly having a super good month :D *knokes on wood*



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