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[icon] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ANTI-SMOKING… - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Time:02:17 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ANTI-SMOKING MESSAGES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~Deathscythe-SD started smoking as a child.~~~~~

Group of bad guys: *crowd around Deathscythe-SD*
   "Come-on you'll like it!"
   "It's cool to smoke!"
   "Everyone is doing it!"
   "Celebraties smoke!"
   "I think....*points at soldier-guy* that guy smokes too!"
Deathscythe-SD: "Er...No way!"
Sandrock: "Peer pressure!!!"
Deathsythe-SD: *takes a drag* "Hmmm..."

5-years later ♪doodle-lee-do♪

Deathscythe-Custom: "I started smoking when I was a kid....now I have cancer ;-;"


~~~~~Poor political choices~~~~~

Big-Z dude is all *becon* "Eh, want a cigarete?"

Nazi-Samurai: "Yeah sure! :D Then I'll look cool & awesome & stylish!"

Big-Z: "Here yah go, Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha! XD"

Nazi-Samurai: *takes a puff* "Hmmm....." Then *"sieg hail!"* "Smoking caused me to make poor political choices... ;-;"


~~~~~Anti-smoking success~~~~~

Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise: "I didn't smoke. That's why I am a starship captain! If you don't smoke you can become successful too! :D"

~~~~~The End~~~~~

I am getting ansy about CSI: Miami tonight >_< I don't really like Delco and all but I hope he lives. I really miss Speed btw.

Also tommorrow I get my hair done :) I have very thick hair and thus need it thinned every few months. I'm getting it cut too, I like my hair at my shoulders and no more. Then after I get back from Rona's (my current hairdresser), I get to dye it with the dye I bought a few weeks ago :D #83 Golden Amber/medium blond. I hope it has a more noticable effect than the last time I dyed it....


I also have to finish my Film summery. And work mor eon my Hadrian poster. I think I'll leave out details about him and Antinous ^^; since it is a class populated with mostly grade 9s....

I also have to read more about Feudalism & Common Law for my presentation on it for the 28th -__-; I hate public speaking.

Oh and I have to choose a place to make a handout for Global Geography; Ms. Leith wants use to "send her on a 'adventure'" we play the role of travel angency and all that....but my idea of a vacation is anyplace with cool sites and good food.....the most adventurous would be camping in a national park (which I have done before). I have like no idea where to 'send' her. I am intersted in the Czech Republic because of the Golem legend and all.

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Time:2007-02-15 04:11 am (UTC)
*laughs at the Captain Picard message*

Deathscythe Custom is awesome.

You should post photos after your hair is cut and dyed. ^^

I think I'll leave details about him and Antinous ^^;

Things like that are yet another reason why those cultures fascinate me so much, though I focus almost exclusively on Ancient Greece (as is probably obvious).

[The figures in my icon are Apollo and his eromenos/beloved, Hyakinthos.]

I, too, hate public speaking.
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Time:2007-02-16 12:25 am (UTC)
Yep. I was going to bring Riker to school as well but I seem to have misplaced him...or he ran away after being kept with DBZ action figures. I was joking btw ^^;

Yes, very. I've always liked Epion better though, just in terms of style.

I have taken the photos...but I can't upload them until I get to school next (left my USB cord in my locker) I took before, after/before, and after.

Me too. I've never really studied much about anything but the myths and legends and about the Gods/Goddesses.

I mumble and forget things, and I feel awkward...
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Time:2007-02-26 01:30 pm (UTC)
Epyon's cool, too. Probably the only other Gundam I really like besides Deathscythe. Wing Zero is only cool during Endless Waltz where it has angel wings, even though they're completely superfluous on a machine designed for battle.
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[icon] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ANTI-SMOKING… - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
View:Recent Entries.
View:Website (Lady_Noremon @ Twitter).