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hi hi

No school today ether... I have also misplaced my 2nd semester schedul ^^; So I have NO IDEA what I have for classes tommorrow.....maybe the office will sell me a replacement....again -__-;


*mwahahaha* Now I just hope my housing application does the same :)


I am also now in the market for a cheap handheld GPS system. I want one that can be used on foot in urban areas, but can also be used for GeoCaching. Probally a Garmin or a Magellan anything under/no more than $150...I plan to buy it before I leave....$200 at the most -__-

I get lost SO easliy, because I have a bad sense of direction. And since Grade Prairie is a larger urban area than what I live in (I live in a very rural area), I want something that will help me. Also I want something that can help me with driving. I would LOVE to have a eTrex Legend Cx ^^; (or maybe a eTrex Venture Cx)

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