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Look out for Cupid and Taste the Love!
Why do people celebrate Cupid on Valentine's Day? He's a floating, naked, winged goober armed with a bow and arrows, firing them indiscriminately upon innocent victims. Sounds more like a crazed nudist than a messenger of Love. So if you're truly looking for love this February, try the Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Blizzard® at Dairy Queen®, now the beloved Blizzard® of the Month! With decadent chocolate chunks, rich strawberry topping and creamy DQ® soft serve, it's the ultimate aphrodisiac. And if you see Cupid, run!FREE BLIZZARD® BOGOBuy One Get One Free
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And if you want to share the love, pick up a Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Blizzard® Cake! The ultimate Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Blizzard®, layered with creamy vanilla soft serve and our irresistible chocolate fudge crunch.

The monthly Blizzard Club advertisements almost always make me think they were written by the Sunsilk Hairapy guy....speaking of Sunsilk this video has been all over the news. Also now "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" is tied to terrorism. I'm just mad I missed part of "Rachel Ray" do to the broadcast. I'll have to razz Matthew on Tuesday about it XD To finish off my whole 'news' ramble I will just say "Wtf? Daniel Radcliffe?"


Now on to the real post. I am once again replaying Ocarina of Time. I am kinda having a hard time, since I forget where/how to do things. Also I'm not used to not playing on 'the Windwaker engine', and without camera control. I'm still a Sheik fangirl. I literally squee during the cut scenes ^^; I noticed how after he teaches Link the Perlude of Light he is all "I'll see you again!" not his usual "..."-ness. I forget what to do at Death Mountain -_-; and I forgot about the Giant's Knife being so brittle. I also can't remember the red Poe Sister's name...Erika (green), Joelle (blue), and Meg (purple). It doesn't really matter though... I sucked at the Phantom Ganon Boss fight. I used a bottle of Lon-Lon milk, and a fairy >.> It isn't the part where he comes out of the paintings, it's the ping-pong part that I suck at. Once again TLoZ is handing out creepy mental images. I know, I know OoT is all blocky and stuff, but Phantom Ganon peeling back his face gave me the willies. I was also creeped out in TP during the cut-scene following the Lakebed Temple. I don't even really want to think about once/if I beat Ganondorf -___- *gah* the vomit.....Yes maybe I shouldn't be playing video games so late at night when I am half asleep and easily scared....but that really is half the fun of it :3


I have Monday off from school now too :D school was canceled Friday because of the storm. So I have more time to rest, get my new binder in order, photocopy my new schedule, and make a poster to advertise February 9th's BRHS anime screening ^^; 

I'm bringing in a bunch of stuff to let the people attending choose from. "Yakitate! Japan", "Kogepan", and "Bottle Fairy" are about the only definite shows we are showing...oh and "Samurai 7" if it arrives in time! I also found that Our Compliments popcorn is only like $1.79 and has 10 cups per bag versus 6 cups with what we usually get. It tastes the same too...I did tests yesterday evening ;D Also it comes in lovely bright purple packaging (purple is my favourite color). We also need more paper cups -__- and maybe some anime merchandise to auction/raffle off for profit.....I should look on ebay XD or Froogle..... Maybe I could just make a few t-shirt transfers and iron them onto a messenger bag or a hoodie?


"Yakitate! Japan" makes me want to bake bread, I can not though since we are currently out of flour >_< oh well Pancake Day (Shob Tuesday) is coming soon :D I love pancakes ^^;

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