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Well I brought a feast [crackers/pepperoni/cheddar, sweet&sour meatballs, applesauce (I made a pot of it yesterday), and golden ginger ale...much more than I usually eat at a sitting) to eat while I watch more "Yakitate Japan" (I hope to post about it+screenshots sometime) since Mom's at work. Matty is also on Skype so maybe I can chats with Matts a bit tonight aswell.

I've been incredibly tired all day. I kinda had to make myself walk to my mom's instead of falling asleep XD I am off till Monday (I only had one exam to write), but I have bee waking up early (at 9:00am) -__- But this has given me time to watch daytime TV and eat breakfast for a change.

Speaking of daytime TV; I have started watching this cooking show called "What's For Dinner?". It is rather funny, and it has weird/entertaining hosts. Mary Joe (Jo?) is this tall pretty pregnant woman. The other is this REALLY short gay guy named Kenny. Kenny wears designer clothes, and has wore this UGLY Versace plaid shirt twice. It is baggy, bright yellow, bright red, black and few other colors. He split redpepper juice on it Monday, and Mary Joe wiped mayonnaise on it today... He also wore a purple-ish bowler (hat) today with various plastic foods glued to it. Mary Joe does tend to pick on Kenny somewhat, and today she pretended to beat him up/fly-off at him. Though he did take her receipt card and told her to guess the dish she was supposed to make that day..."Buttermilk Penne Salad". I think why I find it so funny is because even though it is from 1995 till present, it looks like it is from the 1970's. Like the kitchen decorating scheme/their clothes. "What's For Dinner?" airs on CBC (at 1:30pm GMT-4:00).


Wendy borrowed a bunch of James Bond movies from her boss yesterday :) I'm going to finish "Dr. No" tomorrow. I prefer Ian Flemming's books to the movies, because they are more 'realistic'. The movies are fun, but they are full of 1960-ish hype and stuff. Bond int the books isn't all that much of a 'swinger'. He just seems more like a ordinary guy that just happens to be a British secret agent (and he really is more secretive in the books). I still think Adriane Paul would have made a wonderful James Bond.


I have another part written for "5 Little Roses". I have been getting caught-up in the notion of AlexanderxHenry. I have utmost plans to write some slash for it after I finish writing the story. A fanfic of my original work if that makes much sense. I wish I could right better though. These are my original characters and I have all their personalities floating around in my head (not like split personalities but like muses), but I can't portray that in writing. I am still a more visual thinker.

OH! Speaking of "5 Little Roses" I have just been given personal permission by Nanne Grönvall to use Håll Om Mig in a movie if I ever make one (which I plan to if not for Film12 then for a side/personal project). She also wishes me good luck with it :3 Though the actual lyrics for the song kinda make Henry sound gay for Cassian XD so I'll have to Audiocity ith opening longer XD


Anyway my foods is getting could and I only have till 9:00pm before I have to go back so night y'all XP

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