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rambles and almost 2nd semester

Ok I watched Star Trek TOS on Sunday, and noticed an error as far as I know. It was the episode with the guy who gains ESP (I don't know how I only started watching it 10mins in....) and he is Kirk's old friend, but he starts going 'power crazed' once he figures out how to use it. He tries to ruin the ship, so the crew decides that he should ether be killed or marooned on this mining planet. Kirk is all "No. He is my friend." but Spock being Spock says "Kill him while we can." So Kirk decides to maroon him. They manage to knock-him-out and transport him to the planet, but he wakes-up and kills a few ppl (maybe just one), so Kirk makes everyone but himself leave, so he can take on the guy. The medical doctor (some blond chick) is 'in love' with the ESP guy, and develops ESP herself, so she also stays on the planet. The two ESPs go off away from the bunker place, and the guy -who at this time thinks he is a god & creates an oasis and food-stuffs- Goes on a rant. Kirk gets there and he is discovered so he duels the ESP guy. The chick finally realizes that the guy is 'crazy' so she weakens him, and Kirk manages to blast a rock on top of him and crush him. Anyway during the 'duel' the ESP guy creates a tombstone and a grave with "James R. Kirk" on the stone. To my knowledge though it's "James T. Kirk" (Tiberius)..... =O

"Just ask Armadei" was what I though afterward XD

SO yeah only...
2 more days left in 1st semester o_o I only have to write 1 exam; Physics 11♥, that should be alright though. Mr. d'Entremont told me I could get a 0% on it and still pass Physics with a 60 XD I will do good on it though because I LOVE PHYSICS :3 I soooooo wish I could take Physics 12, but they were both offered just for 1st semester so I can't -___-

I also got a receipt for my application fee from GPRC (Grande Prairie Regional College) yesterday, along with information on on-campus student housing :) I HOPE I get an acceptance letter soon or something....though I REALLY hope I got accepted :)


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