Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Ok I beat Twilight Princess on Tuesday and was very disappointed with the ending. I would have thought it would have been mind-blowing and all that since I WAITED ALMOST 2 YEARS so they could make it better! Too many lose threads in plot. Also it is not a TLoZ game that can be still played AFTER it is beaten. Like in OoS It let you still play it even though the boss was completed, so you could still get 100%. Four Swords GBA too. I am kinda glad though so once I get done stewing over the plot holes, I can go get the remaining 4 or 5 bugs, and the heart pieces (I was nervous when the Mirror was smashed since I hadn't bother to get one of the two pieces in the palace...)....and act like Spiderman to "Become a Star!" ^_^ Maybe I'll cram a dog up his nose while I'm there ;D

I love Midna btw. (Her eyebrows remind me of that painter's though...was her name Frieda? Something like that....and she is too tall & skimpily dressed with that loin-cloth.)


Friday is the next ANIME SCREENING! "Burst Angel", and probably more "AzaManga Daiou" (I find that show hilarious)...maybe even some "Pita-Ten" (I hope or "Bottle Fairy") and "Black Lagoon"!

6/8 of the posters I made to advertise it were taken down. Cullen and I think it was since they were too similar to last month’s posters so ppl thought they were outdated. Next month I need to make a "Detective Conan" themed one...only not using any licensed characters...I want to write "Case by Case" on them (it's from the ending theme; "♪Step by Step, there's no need to rush. Case by Case, I don't care if people laugh.♪") but as for the rest I only have some vague ideas...


I hope Matt is online tonight so I can chat via Skype ^_^ Though if he isn't no big deal. Was online no response...

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