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TP & Hats

I'm at Ganondork/Ganon I'm sooo glad that they changed his laugh :P

Banshee Zelda is kinda creepy if I go by my related dreams ^^; (not fighting Zelda of course but I'm always fighting something supernatural...or watching TV...or making-out)

Ganondorf looks like he has gangrene o_o poor Mr. Dragmire~♥ (Actually I don't like him very much at all...)

MIDNA! I giggled at the whole *clamp* giant octopus thing.... -3-

Oh I got NEW HEADPHONES Friday! These are NexxTech and have a volume control on them. So I can take "MP3#3" to school with me again :) I think since it hasn't died yet it should have a more creative name ^^; I do want to get a 2GB model if I ever come into some cash (after I buy tickets to Grande Prairie and Port Alberni), so I can have a bunch of audiobooks and a bunch of tunes at the same time -__-; (btw I've got Skype & Gizmo *lmao*)

I am looking at some hats from ebay though. I fucking love♥ wearing hats the more unique the better XD Right now I am interested in a detective/deerstalker hat in brownish plaid, or a cloche type hat. I have narrowed my search down to 3. I always like to get a new spring hat this time of year ^_^ and I wish they were still more of the popular style so I wouldn't be called a dork as much XP

Cloche #1 --- I doubt I'll get this even though it's my favourite out of the bunch, because it ends in 1 hour and I wouldn't have the coinage till Friday ^^;
Detective hat #1 --- I should get this since it's so different :) and I could wear it to the Detective Conan case solving Anime event thing XD It is also the only good looking brown version I've been able to find I don't want a black & white one.
Cloche #2 --- I will probably get this since the seller was nice in answering my shipping questions and relisted once she saw I was interested. Also it is only $10.50CAD I also look good in greenish tones.

Anyway I want to get back and beat Ganondorf. Leave it to Eiji & Shiggy to decide to throw in a long boss battle right at the end. I would have beat it already but I got bored of "goat herding" and decided to finish up the poster I was 'hired' to do.


I think he looks so bad-assed here ^_^

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