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-insert interesting/relavent title here-

Well my ultrasound results were: Normal

I do have small kidneys which may ether be do to age or genetics. Dr.Yafai says it's nothing to worry about.

My stomach pains were most likely caused by a mix or stress/nerves and sporadic use of Nexium until Blue Cross decided to cover it "indefinitely".

So I'm off to see Dr. Martin asap ^_^

I'm at Zant in Twilight Princess!

I don't think it will be that easy however....I have had like NO mention of the Triforce yet and...come on it's a TLOZ game without the Triforce? And Ganondorf.....all I know is he was sentenced to be executed and escaped.

Also for a successor to OoT 8 dungeons (Forest, Mines, Lakebed, Gerudo Dessert, SnowPeak, Time, Sky, & Twilight Palace), would just seem silly....I am expecting a 9th atleast.

And Zelda....she can't be dead or what-not, I saw her in the little movie thing after the intro screen!

But kicking Zant's ass will be super fun! I thought Zant was a whole sinister guy, and had a thing for Midna (via the cut scene after the Lakebed Temple), but no he looks like a snake/frog, and is completely bonkers. *imitates Zant's crazy laugh* His voice reminds me of the PostMan guy only more warped in the head....


I went for a roast beef dinner at my Irish Great Aunt & Uncles house (Hilda & Bill Gilligan).

SHE TRIED TO FORCE FEED ME >_< I CAN NOT EAT; A PLATE FULL (roast beef, sqaush, carrots, peas, & potatoes with gravy) + APPLE PIE/ICECREAM + TEA + CAKE + SQUARES + COOKIES + CHOCOLATE

And her "Grape Juice" tastes bitter/sour/fermented and smelled fermented.....not like wine though.

I love her dogs; Meg & Julia and her indoor cat; Sweet Pea! I like Meg because she is a German Shepard (I like that breed), and because she is a nice dog. I like Sweet Pea because she was pretty and soft...she was skiddish though and silly acting. 

I had a good time though and what I ate tasted good :D I love her squash!

Anyway going to head back so I can help take down the Christmas tree -___-;

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