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I wish you a happy Christmas and a lucky new year.

Your Birthdate: June 21

You are certain and confident when you choose to love someone.
Even though your romantic choices may be unconventional - you stand behind them.
Your friends never know you as well as a romantic partner does.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 4

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 1

You are most compatible with people born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th of the month.

I feel so loved & content atm and full of food (i.e. ham, pie, chocolate, sweets, turkey, ect.) >.>

I got a lot of stuff...too much probally ^^; I took pictures of my fav' presents (except the little Star Trek; TNG Enterprise I got from Wendy)


Let me just say, it was very unexpected. It is sterling silver, and was somewhat expensive (the price tag was left on -_-) 

I need to get our Graduation pictures shrunk to fit in it now...I'll have to ask WalMart or get some photo-paper and do it myself....I am saying the Grad photos because I don't like any of the pictures I have of myself, and then ones I have of you are poor quality...


I got Guild Wars; NightFall of course (I paid $25CAD on it, went to pick-up the preorder, and wrapped it...), and can hardy wait for Matt to be off, so we can adventure in it. I will have to create a female character, since when I played Maple Story I was a dude (my current character in GWs is a guy to), and people gave use the o_o face constantly XDD 

Also I got a bottle of Wild Bluberry syrup :3 I love blueberries, and can't wait to taste this stuff (it has 4 ingredients; wild blueberries, sugar, lemon juice, & constarch)! I wish I could make pancakes worth a damn...I have around a 1/30 success rate, where they don;t turn out all doughy, messy, and scrambled.... ;-; so I have to rely on Wendy to make them, since June has the same problem as me. The syrup is made locally too :) 

I got a lovely soup container from my mom. It is "Curves" brand (a weightloss/fitness studio/organization). It is MICROWAVABLE (aside from being a thermos), and has a little storage compartment on the bottom for crackers and such. It has a handle to :) I've wanted a soup container for awhile, and planned on buying a $7 one at the V&S if I didn't get one for Christmas. I plan on using it before going back to school (January 3rd), to bring soup & stuff to my mom's to keep me warmer while playing GW XDD 


Cracker compartment in the bottom :) Behold my multi-colored nails XD I love the bag it came in to, btw. You can see it somewhat there below the mug. It has this pixelated winter scene on a old school Nintendo game XP It reminds me of TLOZ 2:Links Adventure (or whatever it was called)....I like red horses, they remind me of this old nusery ryhme about red candy horses made out of sugar....I want to eat one someday (not a barley candy one, I think theses should be made out of compressed sugar, or marzipan...)

I got a GIANT stuffed cat from Barbie to ^^ I need to name it, but can't think of anything, so can anyone think of a name? I slept with it on my bed since Christmas Eve (I was told to open it early to save space), and Minnow I don't think likes it (Holly ether)....


That green thing btw, is a fleece throw I got from Carley. It came with this bendy reindeer plush thing, that wraps around it when it is rolled-up to store it, and the reindeer's name is Moosie o_O it has a funky looking tail to....

It is a massive cat.....see it compared to my hand? That red folded-up blamket next to it, is Minnow's bed thing.

I need to install NightFall now, or I won't get to it tonight -__-; so I won't continue on.


THANK-YOU ARMADEI! (for your vid, the post office doesn't open again till tommorrow, so I can't check the mail)



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