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Shink stuff ^^;

I had I very interesting dream Friday-ish and it was Twilight Princess themed ^^;

I was Link and I found this alternate prison place in the desert. It was being run by this overly rich/controlling guy, because with the recent rise in evil, came a rise in criminals. Since the "Gerudo" prison place was condemned, he built a new one.

It looked very much like a Egyptian tomb, but with a few other things thrown in (i.e. security cameras/orbs, and rooms which looked like they were ether hospital rooms, or cells.

The owner was all "Let's see if you can get out of here, supposed Hero. If you can then you are ready to take on 'Arbiter's Grounds'. Though be warned it won't be easy, since real monsters, not just beasts are lurking here."

I was all *>_<* and went exploring trying to find a exit. Problem was, I couldn't get out if I didn't change to wolf form, since the place was full of ledges and such. So I change to wolf-Link.

I must have walked in front of a security device, because the owner was all "*Ho, ho, ho* My what a pretty pelt for such a wolf. I think it would look nice on my wall! I'll have to try and catch it." Which was followed by a cut-scene of sorts, showing these mechanical guards being releases as well as showing various traps. Midna was all "Oh noes Link, you'll have to be extra careful. It is best not to turn into human, since your being so heavyly monitored now. Too bad you don't have a guide to help us....."

Just then that little chiming unlock diddy plays, and down jumps this cool looking guy. He was all "Well, Wolf...seems like your in a sort of bind. If you can see what is on my breastplate I'll help guide you out." So I had to use my sense, and see that there was a greenish Eye of Truth, on his now shiney breastplate. After I did this the guy was all "Good, good. My name is Sheik. I am one of the last Sheikah. If you can see what is on my Breastplate, that means you have a clear mind, and a untainted heart. I will guide you to the exit." And them he did this wall jump thing and seemed to be standing on nothing. "Does my breastplate appear to shine?" So I sensed, which allowed me to target him, and jump up onto the hidden ledge he was on. Room after room it continued on, periodically having to sense to see his breasplate.

Finally we got out though this hole in the floor which led to this lobby area thing, with plants, and benchs, ect. "You may now assume your true form." Sheik said. Midna was all "How did he know?" to me, ans Sheik answered he being all "I am a Sheikah. We see, follow and teach the Truth." So I went back to Link, and then this cut scene kicked in showing flashbacks from 'Orcarina of Time' where Link met Sheik, and learned various warp songs.

Thus was my dream resulting from playing too much TP. It wasn't 1st person or anything -__- it happened like part of the game, occasional sprity graphics and everything.

When I woke-up I drew some rough pictures of Sheik in my dreams TP style. They are behind the 2nd cut.


Now for the Holiday Shink comic I drew Sunday morning, when I couldn't sleep. It was originally going to be a short fanfic, for the 'Holiday Challenge' over at

sheikxlink_fc, but I didn't know how to go about writing it, since it came all visual to I decided to draw it, not for the Challenge but just because it was the Holidays.

It is rough (fastly drawn, with mistakes, spelling errors, ect.), and I don't really want to go over it with a Sharpie or anything, but maybe I'll print it off and color it....though I feel rather lazy, so that might not happen.


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