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Some pictures of our tree, Ordon, ect.


The Tree, I decorated it myself.... Showing various angles...

I noticed this little triangle of lights (Wendy put the lights on), and decided to be all fangirlish, and put my golden crystal thing in the middle of them. Behold the Triforce! Courage, Wisdom, & Power!

One of my favourite ornaments I aquired this year :) it reminds me of a heart....a decorative human heart.... ^^;

My Halloween fledermaus I hung on the back of the tree :D (I have no idea what I was watching on the TV)

Daisy Duck. June gave it to me my first Christmas, and it is always hung near the top of our tree :) it is almost 20 years old...I've had to repair her several times....Daisy not June.....

Trevor ( fox_avenger) loves Garfield, and last year he gave me this sorta odd-looking (ugly?) cat-on-a-pillow, so I hung them near each other....


One of the Mr. Olford strawberries Donna, Wendy & me made one year. Also one of my many wodden painted ornaments ( I collect them). I love my aeroplane mouse :D

A potted cat I bought in the summer at a craft show.

Me & Patches (one of my cat-honeys). Behold my snowman-hat! I want a green Santa hat.....

June in the kitchen rocking chair......

A pair of my new glowstick earrings (clip-on). Even though I 'broke' them at the same time, one died before the other....


I bought 2 pairs. One blue, one red. The red are very Zinnian-esk if I do say so....

Ordon is my outdoor reighdeer decoration. i named him after 'Ordona' (a goat Light Spirte) from "Twilight Princess". I had to spend like $20CAD to buy 160 lights to replace what was on him. I spent Thursday night adorning him with lights, and plastic ties. Now he is gorgeous. I will take a piccy of him at night/plugged in soon.

I am getting antsy about getting Guild Wars; Night Fall, and opening what Matty-honey gave me >^___^<

Also I can barely wait to see what Armadei sent :D (and to hopefully recieve something from Treever-chan)

Did anyone I sent cards to recieve them? Let me know asap (as soon as possible) :)

Finished my shopping btw :D last Friday *dances/skips about*

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