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LiveJournal is now currently unblocked by NetSweeper :D


Also I completed my first vector drawing ^^;
and am now working on which when it is done will be a very odd picture of Sheik I do believe.

Anyway my stomach has been churning for the majority of this week -__-; This doesn't make me feel bad ('cept guilty for missing a few mornings and one day of school), but it does piss me off. Yes I tend to get angry at my body when I'm sick. I think it is ether a mild flu, or whatever the hell is going on with my stomach lately. I am also mad because I haven't been able to eat much, including the taco bake I made on ether Monday or Tuesday....I have since sold it to Wendy, since I hate wasting good food. Just looking at it made me feel heartburn/something sitting in my chest. So no lovely taco treat for me.

I have been enjoying Tim Hortons Raspberry herbal tea however. I have had a large, an extra-large, and have since bought a box of 20 bags, and made 1 or 2 cups since Wednesday. It is soooo yummy. It tastes like cinnamon, and the holidays. I'm planning on buying a few more boxes to give as gifts to Doris, and ether Judy or Lindus.

Matt's Christmas present hasn't arrived yet. It was shipped around the 2nd I was told so I figure it should be here soon (hopefully). If it doesn't arrive by November 30th, I'll have to resort to picking up something else locally to send, and mailing Ben's, Marsha & Paul's, and the family gift I bought.

I have already started looking for a gift for Ben for next year. I received 3 LeeValley catalogues in the mail yesterday. I can't decide to order Ben (Wendy, Charles & me are planning on making a massive order in the coming months) an engineer's compass, a box of WetLits (waterproof, wind proof, smokeless, fire blocks), or a set of pocket whetstones. I am leaning toward the whetstones, since I know Ben loves knives, and likes to hone them himself, and I think this set with a 1000x, and a 4000x pair would be useful.

I am thinking of getting Trevor for his Birthday, a shit load of Vancouver Canucks stuff.

I also bought 4 really ugly "Canadian Opera" stamps from the post office. I used one to sdend my uncle's Christmas card.

I fixed my December Love Song userpic, in Fireworks 8, and it is now my default userpic ^_^

Also I am going to flail if I check my braclet for the time once more. I've looked down at my wrist to see what time it is like 20 times today, forgeting each time that I had taken my watch off because my wrist was sore, and that I put my magnetic bracelet on said left wrist. It can not tell me what time it is, 'cept that it is time to stop looking for my watch which is not on my wrist.

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