Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Onward to victory!

First off last night Lloyd Robertson was wearing glasses and I was all "What the hell?!" Though I do realize he is getting rather old, and must have started having problems seeing the teleprompter.

Now on the 21st I beat Grid Core on "Ape Escape; Pumped and Primed" with Helga of course since she has become my all time favorite character from said series. AE;P&P as I'm going to type it for the rest of this entry, actually got pretty dark near the end. Grid core was all "I'm going to toy with you until I break this encryption." and Then once I completed his enemy infested tournament, he decides "I'm going to kill you now." then kept taunting me with "Prepare to die." and "You amuse me while you struggle." Considering this game is rated "T for Teen, for Mild Realistic Violence".

However some of the outfits for Helga are cool looking, though border on fetishes. Sailor (school girl), Maid, Nurse, Kitchen (waitress), & Police. There may be a few others that I haven't unlocked yet, since I TOTALLY SUCK at the FRICK'N BOAT LEVELS (>__<*)! Also there is an outfit called Red Jacket which is red and yellow, with a star on the hat. I think is supposed to represent communism... Helga is like 12 though >.>

I would really love to cosplay as Helga in ether the Maid or Sailor outfit, or just own one of her hats.

I also really enjoyed the end scene with Specter and his monkeys. And the completely out of the blues SpikexHelga-ness. I laughed my ass off at the Team Monkey, and Pipo Saru episodes (have to beat F Course B in under 6mins to unlock Hidden Tape 3). These mini movies are live action btw.

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to teh Americans! I shall be consuming turkey today as well (if my stomach settles down -_-). Turkey ala King, which has been "preordered" from one of the churches in town that is holding a fundraising supper today. I can't remember which one it's not the I is probally the Baptist or the United. Bridgetown has 3 all on the same corner...I don't go to any of them though, 'cept the Anglican because I had Drivering lessons there.

I actually have once again forgotten all I was going to I might edit this later.

Oh and I apologize to the flist that have NO IDEA WHAT I JUST RAMBLED ABOUT XD

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