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*is dancing to "Black Stone"*

Well I have a bad feeling. In the pit of my stomach. This kind of feeling I get when something bad feels like it's going to happen. I don't know why, and it is really making me feel rather uneasy.

Other than that though I am in high sprites.

I had to get up at 6:45am this morning to get ready, so I could be picked-up on time for my Drivering class.

Chuck is who drove me to the really musty smelling Anglican church community hall in Middleton.

Well we did a review and learned new stuff.

He showed us a video of this 3-D crash test dummy with a annoying/high-pitch voice that we had seen other movies of.

"Snails never go that slow, they're ticklish!"___#1 (the dummy's name)

Ok....what the hell?....considering said line was accompanied by a giant jellyish snail crawling on the side walk while #1 drove slower beside it on the right side.

#1 says a lot of odd engrishy things that don't make much sense.
....I think #1 is a pansy (I mean this in the wussy flaily sense).  Also that he/she has a fetish for traffic conductiing...

ANYWAY--then we had lunch break. June had packed me a very dirty fork (in fact the same fork I had used 2 weeks ago last time I brought lunch to school). Then my lunch which had 30min earlier been sweet meltingly hot [I brought peanut butter balls, and coconut fingers (I have a insulated lunch box)], had decided to become (re)fridgerator cold. So I decide "Hey I'll borrow a fork, and use the church microwave :D" Well the fork part was easy. The microwave however, I couldn't figure out how to set the cook time. So I decide to use defrost. I am very accustomed to using defrost with out microwave, but this one decided that "00.80lb" (lasts for like 2mins) meant that it would count down from 80secs, and THEN decide to cook for another 10mins. By the time it got to 8:30mins left, I panicked and unplugs the thing. Worked lovleyly (love-ly-ly). I got my meal nicely warm, and yummy.

After lunch he gave us "The National Driver Test" a video with accompanying periodical questions.

I scored 82/100 :D (I messed-up because it involved city driving, and the fact that new drivers automatically lose 5pts)

Then was the Discover Driving/Defensive Driving final test.

I got 95% because I missed 3 questions (I got the multiply choice mixed-up on one >_< )


So after that I came home and planned on drinking some tea, patting Minnow, and watching more KKKJ.

I got side-tracked because Wendy wanted to watch "Dante's Peak", & because June wanted me to try calling Sony (about my headphones).

I shall never watch said movie again.

It started off pretty good....and then the old lady died because her legs got eaten by the acid lake when she fell off the wharf while trying to get away from the lake.

This terrified me HORRIBLEY.

Dismemberment is my top fear. Dissolved legs is related to dismemberment.

I shall (hopefully) never speak of said movie scene again.

Let's change the subject shall we?

I made a new Gackt user pic for the holidays. I seriously don't know why the last two lyric frames refuse to show the quotations. I might change the picture if I can find a picture of Gackt looking up as it is snowing. I find out the Japanese version of "December Love Song" was written because of/about September 11th.

"♪...and the body parts can mix, yet fail to make a heart...♪"___Imogen Heap - Meantime

I'm in a rather romantic mood atm, and shall continue to be as long as Wendy doesn't bring up said movie when I return.

I so want to cosplay as Maron, but I am having trouble finding thigh high yellow (or white if dyeable) opaque socks/stockings. I want to do the school uniform.

Actually Maron is one of the very few girl characters that I like muchly.

Now I must be off so I can be a night owl again tonight and watch anime, and taped episodes of Rachael Ray ;)

Oh and I am going to post for Zinnian at rp_classifieds


My mom's basement is now flooded. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

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