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I say finally because I have had said game since Christmas 2005, and have been on the final challenge of the 1st tournament since early February.

I love my Monki-san summon monkey ^_^ and my Spin Shot


I had the longest convo I've had with him for like months. I'm still on a buzz from it ^__^

But I won't say anymore on the subject for tonight ^^; but I couldn't resist, because it is not always practical to yell things at the top of my lungs, so my journal will have to do ^^;

I had a really trippy dream that I was a doctor, and there was a suspicious man show up at the top secret camp thing (o_o I don't remember the name of where it took place). It was L, which upon waking up I laughed my ass of about. He needed medical attention because someone had planted a microchip or something in his ear, and he had to wear this funny gear/brace thing on his teeth. I asked him to write his name down and he simple wrote "L" so I'm all "Well I'm Dr. N then." *lmao*

*sigh* It was actually very funny atleast to me >.>

Then I had a dream that I was playing KoL but it was like irl, and inhabited by Spy vs.Spy, and enemies from Gex. It was really creepy, because I was supposed to talk to someone and I wandered down this hallway after received a phone call from a pay phone, and I kept hearing this creepy childlike singing.

I blame my recent trippy dreams on my difficulty breathing/sleeping because of my constant night time coughing.

I didn't go to school today because June decided to let me sleep in since it was hailing and rainy and windy and shiz. So even though I actually wanted to go to school [I woke-up and The View was on (I had my TV on since I would wake-up every 15mins) I go out to the kitchen and the truck was gone], I missed it (June only came back from town after my last class was over). -__-;

Oh and The View had this recap thing (I don't watch the view 'cept when I'm sick/sleep deprived), and they had that guy from Nip/Tuck on (not Christian the other guy), and he had that zebra-print rug from that love scene, and he spread it out oin the floor and Rosie laid on it and was all 'take me now'. Then the hosts were all "it even inspired 'All My Children' acrossed the street", and it cut to a parody skit from that soap opera.

This blonde woman was all "I don't need you. I have my husband, and my caree and my money!"
And the dark haired guy was all "umm....I have a rug! *flips out the zebra rug*"
Woman: "Take me now!" and proceeds to lay on the rug and make squealing noises.

It made me laugh so fricken hard.

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