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[icon] Return from shopping adventure mach 5 - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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Current Music:A Little Less Sixteen Candles... - Fall Out Boy
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Subject:Return from shopping adventure mach 5
Time:04:47 pm
Current Mood:blahblah
Yesterday even though I felt like crap in the morning, EB Games called to say my pre-order of Nightfall had arrived, so I got ready to catch the 12:00pm bus to Greenwood.

They were 10mins late, but luckily June drove me over so I go to sit in the warm truck till it arrived. It was 5oC and very windy. So after we arrived in Greenwood, I transferred to Kentville.

We went though Alysford, which it happened that that day a benefit for a young man was taking place. I watched about it on CBC news that morning. He was paralyzed from the waist down, due to his 4-wheeler flipping on top of him after he attempted to make a 12-foot jump.

Then after that we came into Kentville. 

I really enjoyed going though Kentville, since the annual Pumpkin People event is taking place. I wish I could have had a video camera and filmed the various pumpkin people.

I saw; a blue horse complete with rider-a short fat, mustached man, wearing a skirt-a green unicorn-a full marching band-a purple cardboard box hot dog stand-a picnic table with umbrella, and a real person filming it with a camera on a tripod-Batman-another full marching band this time in red outfits-a troop of ether Cadets, or The Salvation Army-a maypole complete with children-a horse and buggie-a prom couple-a bride and groom-as well a a crap load more

Once we arrived at the old train station (the bus office now) The Bus, like it seems everytime I've taken it was late arriving. Luckily not as late as it was last time >_< 1:30mins late last time. It comes, and it's back though Kentville again, and then on to New Minas.

The driver of said bus to New Minas, did not stop when we got into the Walmart parking lot. So I pulled the 'Request Stop'. He still didn't stop untill we were like 100feet away from the parking lot entrance. I had to walk all the way back, and cross busy roads. I'm glad he wasn't the same guy who drove the return bus.

I was planning on going to WalMart first because I didn't want to walk in the cold, to EBGames for a little while. But I ended up going to EBGames first and picking-up "Guild Wars; Nightfall". I'm going to buy "Kingdom Hearts" my next trip if they still have it. $14CAD plus tax ^_^ Anyway then I went to "Pet's Unlimited" to buy Minnow a new harness. I looked at the kittens, and fish while I was there :)

Then Walmart :D I looked around the electronics department, and seriously thought about buying "Flash Gordan" (♪Flash! *Ahaaa* Savoir of the Universe!♪). It was a 2 for $10 DVD, but I couldn't find another DVD I wanted that was part of the bargain ones. I want "Gargoyals" set ;-; and S"tar Trek", and "CSI: Miami", and "The Equalizer" ^_^

Then I went to look at the Halloween costumes. I wanted to try and find a cheap white wig (spikey or not I didn't care). I had settled on this light brown bargain wig ($7.95 -_-). Then I went to look for white hair spray stuff (I had orange one year,a nd have seen white and silver before). Then I saw this little hanging rack of packaged wigs. There was fros, black rocker ones...and then I saw it. "Punk Wig" it was white and spikey, and short. Also it was only $5.75 So I bought it and was all bubbley. 


I personally think I look like; 
1. the love-child of L and Near
2. That dog -woman from that Fairy-godmother movie with Martin Short
3. Ridiculous

There were these guys looking at the costumes aswell. One pulled out this child's Darth Vader outfit.
"I wonder if I could sqeeze into this?"
"You jokin'?"
"It's Darth Vader, come on!"

I decided now that I had a wig I was going to go try to ether find a stripped long sleeve t-shirt, or a new pair of navy/white track pants (the ones my mom ordered from Sears were too small, and the large size costs more). And I found a navy pair with a big white stripe down each leg. ^_^ $9.95 on sale.

So for my "complete" (I'm not concerned about finding/editing shoes) Killua outfit (made over the last like 6 months) I've spent;
$8.73 -- Light purple t-shirt
$11.14 -- Navy/white pants
$6.84 -- white wig
$4.37 -- maroonish tank-top
Total -- $31.08CAD o_o; (and I'm planning on speanding $6.33 relitivly soon on two wooden yo-yos from LeaValley and painting them to look like the Greed Island ones)

So on Tuesday I shall be joining my 'friends' Ichigo from "Bleach", possibly Keitaro from "Love Hina", and some odd character Neville has yet to tell me who.

Yes we are geeks/dorks. Though we shan't be the only 'cosplayers' at school. There is a girl that has dressed up as Sasuke from "Naruto" for the past 2-3 years.

I was asked by Cullen why I don't dress-up as girl characters. The truth is there are few girl characters I like. I like Sara from "Gallery Fake", Aka from "REC", Neon, and Pakunoda from "HxH" and Shia from "Pita-Ten". I would love to dress as Shia, but it looks rather expensive/hard. I might try for Aka though :D

Oh and if I can get to the V&S (Variaty Store) I think I might buy some cheap ($1yard) fabric and make a Mike costume for Minnow XD I always dress her up anyway so why not make a HxH themed. I have a no-sew pattern for a simple coat/vest, some felt and some stick-on Velcro.
So yeah that's it. Now just to go to the V&S tommorrow and Home Hardware (need some AA batteries). 

EDIT-- I didn't realize how ill I look in those pics >_> Though I was/am sick at that time/now.
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Time:2006-10-31 08:23 pm (UTC)
That wig is funky. I think it's a combination of Killua and Feitan, though L and Near works, too. o_o

Yay for Killua cosplay! I was going to make Greed Island yo-yos at some point, but working on the skateboard took any desire to paint anything else for cosplay for at least the next few months completely out of me. As it is, I want to make another Killua skateboard; I messed up the finish on the first one.

I never cosplay female characters; I identify much more easily with males and there are very few female anime characters that I actually like. Lady Une and Dorothy from Gundam Wing, Mito-san and Pakunoda from Hunter x Hunter, and Integra from Hellsing are the only ones that come to mind.

A Mike costume would be cool. ^^ I meant to bring a stuffed wolf I had to Anime Boston and use it as Mike, but I didn't have enough room in my bag.
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Time:2006-11-02 11:41 pm (UTC)
Yes, very XD I totally forgot about Feiten!

There is a local company called Lee Valley that sells inexpensive wooden toys ^_^

I don't know if it's available near you, or the name of it, but there is this clear coat stuff I got for tole painting, and it dries glossy, clear, and weather-proof. It's easy to use though, I'll have to check the name if you want to try it next time.

Yeah I'm generally the same way. I forgot to include Maron from "KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne" (I could totally dress as her)!

Minnow's Mike costume took me 10mins to make and it looked like a ghost or a bride costume XD It fit our Siamese cat better anyway XP
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Time:2006-11-11 06:55 am (UTC)
There is a local company called Lee Valley that sells inexpensive wooden toys ^_^

Lucky you!

Might you happen to know if it works well with acrylic paint? I can't remember what I used right now (it was what the paint store guys recommended for use with skateboards), but I didn't know how many coats to put on and ended up getting an accidental run or two. It also has a yellowish shine. Honestly, it looked better without any final coat, but I wanted to protect the paint from damage.

I forgot to include Buffy and Kira [DS9] in the non-anime realm myself. :p

Cool. XD
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Time:2006-11-13 12:46 am (UTC)
I'll have to mail order anything from them though, because 'local' means it's in Halifax (capital of Nova Scotia), and is a 3-4hour drive away XD

Yes it works VERY well! Tole paint is acrylic. This stuff isn't oil based so t shouldn't cause running with the paint you use/used. It has a clear-white finish according to how many coats is used [Wendy last time she borrowed it put 25-50 coats (o_O too much, 1-3 is best) and it ended with a slight white look to it.] I tend to stay away from anything oil based. It usually takes a long time to dry, has a yellowed finish, and causes water based paint to run (at least in my experiences with it).

I actually tried the Maron hair-do last night. It would be very do-able, if I let my hair go a bit longer. :D

Yeah and Minnow even "helped" me make it (she sat on the fabric I was trying to cut and batted at my pencil).
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Time:2006-12-02 06:55 am (UTC)
That paint sounds like really good stuff. I'll have to keep it in mind.

Hee. (At Minnow's 'help'.)
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[icon] Return from shopping adventure mach 5 - Long Shot Of That Jumping Sign~♫
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