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♪Tomaro, tomaro♪

I'm not going to school tomorrow. I seriously just don't feel like it.

I have to call EB Games before noon though, and find out if GW; Nightfall came in. Then I will have to venture forth to New Minas, to retrieve it with-in 48 hours. I am planning on going tomorrow if it is in, due to the fact that I may feel even worst the next day.

*gah* I need to talk to one of my friends. I am feeling rather lonely, due to my absentees-ness increasing from school. I want to talk to Trevor especially, I miss that wank :)

I would ramble on about disdain for Sony, but I won't because I have other things to worry about besides them being bastards and causing Lik-Sang to close.

Like love, future, health, and pleasure.

All of which I don't seem to have much of recently. ^^;

But I'm not that bad off I guess. Now I'm becoming angsty, and this was supposed to be a upbeat entry >_<

*hugs for everyone*



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