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"Burn, baby burn."__Horatio

Well the really  good things about yesterday were my lunch (Chef Boyardi; raviolis), "Psycho" in Film12, Alchemy_Hisoka's many comments/replies (I really luff that girl), ghost-decorations, and CSI; Miami.

Other than that it wasn't very good at all.

So I went to the chiropractor/Dr. Martin last night at 7:20pm. I was really happy I had just copied some new songs to my MP3 player (MP3#3), and I happen to love the atmosphere her office has at night. I got right in, and got all dressed in t3h Johnny-shirt/boxer ensemblé. My mom mentioned that I was having abdominal pains, and sudden episodes of being sick to my stomach. So she came in and talked to me. Then she had be lay on the table, and poked & prodded my stomach. She told me she didn't dare treat me that night, as it felt hard where it shouldn't be. She told me to go for the tests as soon as possible (Dr. Yafai gave me a paper with some test I need to have done, on my kidneys and such). Also if I was sick again to go to outpatients immediately.

I am really worried about this.

A large amount of organ/health problems run in my family. It could be anything from gas to my gallbladder. Last night was the first night I've cried in awhile. That is how worried I am, though
I am doing much better today, and can't wait for Film12.

Danté (Mr. d'Entremont) scared the crap out of Jill, Jasper, & around 1/4 of the class today XD

Jill had the hic-cups, and Danté was telling her about his uncle, and how there are only two ways to clear hic-cups up fast;

Hold your breath,
Focus on them, and stopping them.

Then Jasper started to mention this woman who had them for 40 years and went to hundreds of doctors, and then----Danté yelled a really loud *GRAWR* at Jill accompanied by the whole bear movement. It was hilarious. Jill still had hic-cups afterward though...

I really enjoyed CSI; Miami last night. It wasn't "the scariest episode yet" however. Still really good. I LOVE HORATIO! Followed by Wolfe :3 though Wolfe did wear the same ash-mix-light-purple t-shirt for the whole episode which took place over 2-3 days.

I have a new Gackt user pic btw >;3 I plan on if I get the chance to make a Halloween one ether using a Zinnian chibi, or that-old-Killua-dressed-like-a-ghost-with-Killua-written-on-the-sheet ava I used to have.

We hung out 3 ghosts in the chestnut tree on our front lawn. One is a hanged one with (X_X) eyes, one is a (X_X) faced one and he has arms (I've nicknamed him Jean Chrétien, since I drew his mouth on crooked), and the last one is half the size, and has (o_o) eyes. I took pictures and will upload when I get the chance.

If I'm not online (i.e. MSN) for around the next 2 weeks, it is because my mom didn't pay her phone bill. Just letting anyone who cares know (^^;).

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